Laptop will not boot

By sassy1969_211 ·
I have an HP Pavilion ze4427wm laptop. My cd rom hasn't been working for a while, which is no big deal. However, due to a virus I needed to format the hard drive and install windows. I removed the hard drive and connected it to a desktop with cd rom using an adapter. Windows installed, and runs fine on the desktop but will not boot on the laptop. The bios setup is password protected and I lost the password, but I can change the boot source. My question is if the bad cd drive is keeping windows from booting.

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No it's not the CD that is stopping it from booting

by Jacky Howe In reply to Laptop will not boot

It is the fact that you installed XP on totally different Hardware.

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And to answer your second question

by Jacky Howe In reply to No it's not the CD that i ...

Download DOS7
Burn it to CD using Nero or similar.
Ensure that you have an Active Partition on the new Drive and it is formatted FAT32.<br>
Disconnect the Hard Drive from the PC that you have been using. Set it to Boot from CD in the BIOS. Connect your USB HD and turn on the PC. Insert the DOS CD that you created and follow the prompts to install it to the USB Drive. When you have finished installing DOS shutdown the PC and reconnect the Hard Drive.
Restart the PC and reconnect the USB HD, now you will need to copy the entire I386 folder from your XP CD to the USB HD. While you are copying the I386 folder also copy your Antivirus Sofware that you are going to install along with the Motherboard Drivers. You will find the Motherboard drivers on the Notebook manufacturers site. When you have finished doing that, disconnect the USB HD and insert it back into the Notebook. Turn on the Notebook and you should end up with a DOS Prompt. Type in CD I386 and press enter. Type winnt.exe and press enter and follow the prompts. </br>

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Understanding Windows Installation

by wrleeii In reply to Laptop will not boot

When you install windows onto a machine, it configures itself to the hardware configuration of the machine (it is not a simple unpacking of files onto a hard disk). Sometimes, if the machines are similar enough you might be lucky enough for an installation on one machine to work on another; but, more likely, it will not work since there are too many variables. In particular, a laptop usually has a variety of specialized, custom parts. A desktop has more accessible, standard parts. So, right away, the configuration will be quite different between the two.

The most significatnt variables are the CPU brand (Intel vs. AMD) and single-core vs. multiple-core. Also the support chips and interfaces must be configured to match the motherboard. It might be possible to coerce a configuration to reconfigure itself to some of the motherboard variations, but I do not think you can easily reconfigure the CPU variation without reinstalling Windows from scratch.

My experience is with XP and earlier... I am not certain how flexible Vista is with such changes.

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Thank you for quick response

by sassy1969_211 In reply to Understanding Windows Ins ...

If I can't install windows from another machine and the cd drive isn't working, how can I boot from the hard drive to be able to install windows xp from a copy on the hard drive.

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Up and running

by sassy1969_211 In reply to Thank you for quick respo ...

Thank you for all your help, problem solved!

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What was the answer?

by wrleeii In reply to Up and running

How did you get around your problems?

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