Laptop will not power down all the way.

By FatDave79 ·
I did a fresh install of 7 on an older laptop that had a corrupt version of Vista on it. During the install prosses, when the computer needed to restart, it just hung. I held the power button down, thinking I would have to start over, but when I started it up again it continued on its merry way. After the install finished (having to manually power it down whenever it needed to restart) I was hoping an update would fix what I thoght was a software issue. After it was fully updated (having to manually turn it off when it needed to restart) it still would not fully power down. Thinking it was a bad install, I reinstalled (with having to manually power down still) the same thing happens. When you power down, Windows shuts down, but mother board stays powered up (screen goes black, but all the lights stay lit) it never fully shuts down. I am assuming Windows fully shuts down, because when I turn the laptop back on, it never tells me that Windows didnt shut down properly. I have been through every forum post I can find on the subject, tried every answer they have, but nothing has fixed it. That lead me to this thought. The power supply that came with the laptop, is a generic one with adapters, the owner said the would have to wiggle the jack around to get power, when I first started working on the computer, I could not get it to power up, even when I wiggled it (battery is shot, must be plugged in to power). I took the tip off and the + & - posts were floppy and almost falling out. They had other tips with it, so i found one that fit the laptop (but assuming its not the one made for the laptop) And got it to power up. Can the improper tip, keep the motherboard powered up even if Windows shuts down?

Things I have tried so far:
Safe mode
Clean boot
Disabled non essential devices
Turned off various services
Drivers and BIO/CMOS are all up to date.

Nothing has worked so far. Its an older Compaq Presario F700 laptop with an AMD Turion 64 X2 processor

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laptops are best restored to their factory state

by databaseben In reply to Laptop will not power dow ...

the software that was originally installed on the laptop by the factory has the exact drivers to run the laptop. to this end, the vista laptop may not be win7 ready / compatible, unless the factory says it is and they provide you with their version of win7 / oem for that particular laptop model.

so when it comes to laptops, your best bet is to keep the original operating system on it which is provided by the factory.

if the factory did not provide you with a set of installation or restore disks with the laptop, then they likely have stored the installation files on its internal hard disk, inside a hidden partition. the partition stays hidden in order to avoid inadvertent corruption by the user.

you can execute those installation files by a method called factory restore. the instructions on how to initiate a factory restore can be found inside the laptop user manual or at its home site on the web.

if after you execute a factory restore and the laptop works perfectly, it is a confirmation that win7 wasn't compatible to the unit "and" make a system restore point at this time as well and before you start loading up with additional software. afterwards, you might try to virtualize win7 on that unit via virtual box.

but if the factory restore produces the same problem you now have with win7, then the unit is likely experiencing hardware malfunction.

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And if you must use 7 on this NB and it will support it

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop will not power dow ...

You need to wipe the HDD first before attempting to install 7.

Running the install Process over a corrupted HDD will not cure the problems that you are facing. To wipe the HDD you can use a Utility like Boot & nuke available free here

http://www.dban .org/

Or Kill Disc also free and available here

http://www.killdisk .com/downloadfree.htm

Remember to remove the space from between the Domain Name and the .com/.org to get a working URL.

Also if there is a Vista Recovery partition on the HDD you'll destroy that as well so you'll need a Recovery Set to return the system to it's Makers Original Settings.

Like is said above all NB's unless they come as Bare Bones Systems that you have to add things to like CPU's RAM and so on should only be used with what they where originally supplied with in the way of an OS particularly a Microsoft OS because they are limited in what they are and are not as upgradeable as a desktop.


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