Laptop Will Not Run On AC Power When Battery Enabled

By althaea ·
Ok, so I got a new battery yesterday. It worked fine last night; charged up the battery, then I unplugged AC power and ran it purely on battery power to see how much life it had - right at 1 hour. Then I plugged AC cord back in, the little battery icon on my toolbar changed to the plug icon as it always has, life was good.

Until this morning. Now, even with the AC plugged in, the battery icon stays on and it continues to run off of the battery. The AC cord appeared to be plugged in and working properly as always, so I went to Device Manager and disabled the battery to see what would happen. THEN it ran off of AC, no problem. But as soon as I re-enabled the battery, that became the default again and there was nothing I could do about it. This is a big problem because once it runs out of battery juice I have to shut down my laptop until the battery is recharged by the AC cord, because it just won't run on AC power for some reason. I tried updating the drivers, there were no updates to be had for them, neither AC nor battery. Not sure what the heck to do from here.

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Need more info

by NickNielsen In reply to Laptop Will Not Run On AC ...

Unfortunately, your problem cannot be solved with the little bit of information you provide here. The following information will greatly assist in answering your question:

- Type of laptop (make, model)

- Source of the battery (Did you purchase the battery from the laptop manufacturer? If not, is the battery a manufacturer-approved substitute?)

- Did you check the manufacturer's web site to see if there was any information there?

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Try this

by bpd357 In reply to Laptop Will Not Run On AC ...

Make sure the BIOS is the most current. Also, try starting with AC power and battery removed. Boot into Safe mode. Go to Device Manager/System Devices and uninstall ACPI Power Button and ACPI System Button. If there is a listing for Advanced Power Management Support, remove all listings for such. You'll be prompted to reboot after removing each, during restart Windows will reinstall the driver for each. If asked for the CD, just specify location using c: to allow Windows to locate the drivers.

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