Laptop wireless button does'nt make connection for wireless network

By len.piko ·
I am working on a HP Pavilion DV8000 laptop. It has 512MB ram and running WinXP. My friend asked me to see if I could replace a noisy fan on this laptop. He also stated that his brother spilled soda and orange juice into this system. I started it up and amazingly everything still worked. I disassembled it and replaced the fan and heatsink with new parts. After reassembling everthing works accept it will not recognize the wireless network that is present. I since replaced two other antennas to see if this could be the problem. It still does not recognize the wireless network. The wireless button does not light up when pressed but the hour glass icon will flash on the screen at this time. All other LEDs will light up and buttons are functional.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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This is what HP has to say about WiFi no longer working

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop wireless button do ...

Start off by checking that the WiFi Card has power and that the switch actually works. If it does try installing the Driver for the WiFi and then if it's still not working contact HP.

Did you find any Sticky Gunk in the internals of this system? If you didn't then you haven't looked in the area where the soda was split.


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Laptop wireless button does'nt make connection for wireless network

by len.piko In reply to This is what HP has to sa ...

Thanks alot for your fast reply. The wireless button does not light up when pressed but triggers a quick flash of the hour glass icon with no further activity. I also checked device manager and the wireless card is enabled. How can I tell if the wireless card is getting power to it? Also, does it make a difference which post on the wireless card the white or black wire is connected from the antenna? I connected the wires as shown in the manual. The led board is not sticky from the spillage but has some type of stain on it. I tried cleaning it but could not get the stains removed.
Any further comments will be appreciated.

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Perhaps someone else would be better here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop wireless button do ...

As I've been fighting a Dell with the same problem for over a week now the Drivers for the WiFi Install but the WiFi Doesn't work at all though the Blue Tooth does and that is part of the same Card.

The finial choice that I have come up with is simply that the WiFi Card is now dead and gone to Silicon Heaven or worse still the M'Board has died part way though it passes every test that I can throw at it except to actually work for longer than 10 minutes after the rebuild of the OS or a restart and then the entire system slows to a crawl that would make a 286 running XP look fast. It takes 15 minutes to reboot if it will actually close Windows down and there is no difference between XP and Vista in speed terms of the system. So I'm probably very stale with this type of problem at the moment though I've been asking for a big piece of earthmoving equipment to park on the Dell.

As for connecting the Aerial up this should go to the connection shown in the Manual though in Theory at least it shouldn't make a difference as it is only the Aerial and doesn't have any Voltage entering through these connections. Don't worry about the stain this is probably a product of Manufacturing or maybe even the way that the actual Circuit Board is made when Etching the Tracks on it.

As for telling if the WiFi Card is powered if it is showing in the Device Manager it's getting power though it may not be sufficient to actually run the card so it may be getting the correct Voltage but at a lower Amperage which is the hard thing to check. If you have Access to a Volt Meter or Multi Meter you can check the voltage where the WiFi Card Plugs In but you need to be extremely careful and Do Not touch the probes together when measuring the Voltage.

Really to go any further you need a CRO to check the output of the WiFi Card and signal traces internally to the computer and as most repair shops don't have the necessary test equipment or even the knowledge on how to use tools like that it's unlikely that you'll have access to this type of test equipment. But don't sell the Humble Multi Meter short they are an extremely useful tool that are a Must Have bit of Equipment and I've used a Multimeter previously to fault find a Circuit Board that was supposedly working properly according to the CRO Traces at least.


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Laptop wireless button does'nt make connection for wireless network

by len.piko In reply to Perhaps someone else woul ...

Thanks again. I found the problem.
I wasn't aware that after disassembly and reassembling the system that I would have to go into bios setup and reset the enable for the WiFi. Have a nice day.

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I'd check settings, starting in BIOS

by seanferd In reply to Perhaps someone else woul ...

as well as Device Manager and the WiFi config software if any, and/or the OEM software for the lappy.

Make sure that both WiFi, and the WiFi Button are enabled.

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I obviously took 6 minutes too long to finish posting

by seanferd In reply to I'd check settings, start ...

Glad you've got it sorted.

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Re: "Soda and Orange Juice" and "Sticky gunk"

by 1bn0 In reply to Laptop wireless button do ...

Orange juice will kill the machien if you have not properly cleaned the curicuit board.

It is corrosive and will eat away at the tracings, Most sodas' are just as bad.

If you have not cleaned the spills, the machine will likely die in a very short time.

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