Laptop Wireless problem

By yuvtsamer ·
I have got a new laptop with wireless adaptor. The problem is that it doesn't recognise any free nets in any place I tried (I'm in a touristic trip now). I need some basic advices how to overcome the problem (I'm almost sure the problem is in the settings of the adaptor).
Please help.. as the internet connection is vital for me during the trip..

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A few things, a wireless link is only as good as the wireless router,

Plus you most probably need a user name or password to connect on to the wireless link.
There should be a setting on your wireless set up that searches for wireless internet signals.

If you have a mobile you can us that. If your mobile and your laptop has bluetooth then pair them up so that you can use that. Or the best thing is to connect your laptop in your hotel room, or save everything on a external drive that way if your computer goes down you have a back up.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Doesn't recognise signals of the wireless

by yuvtsamer In reply to A few things, a wireless ...

Thank you for your kind response. Actually the problem is (I sorry if I might have been lacking the knowledge to explain myself corectly..) that once I open the laptop in a hotel- such as the one I'm staying in now- it doesn't recognise their free wireless network although it should do it automatically as far as I know (I had a laptop that worked that way). Therefore I don't need a router as my only purpose is to use the free wi-fi which exists already in a certain place. It seems the hardware device itself is working fine but there's some kind of a problem in the software settings, probably in the control panel but actually this is the limit of my knowledge and I need some instructions..

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Ok, now i will need to know your make and model of your laptop..

With this i will be able to walk you through the problem. Though with out any more details i can not help. So if you post the make and model of your laptop i will be able to get the manual and service manual.
Though if this is a brand new laptop you should have the manual on cd.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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may sound stupid...

by .Martin. In reply to Laptop Wireless problem

but is the wireless controller internal???

If so have you turned it on??? there is usually either a switch or a button combo that you have to do to turn it on (usually Fn and the button with the little blue antenna on it)

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no thats quite logical...

by touqeer In reply to may sound stupid...

I agree with what Martin said, your wireless adaptor may be itself is not TURNED ON. Try finding the button to turn it ON and then go to wireless network browser of Windows and search for the network if it is not doing it automatically for you.

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