Laptop wireless will connect to all wireless routers but a verizon MI424-WR

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I have a wired problem I have a laptop that will connect to every wireless connection I am around with wep or not but in my office I have a Verizon MI424-WR and it has 64bit WEP running and if i just click on the wireless connection from Windows I get an error (Windows is unable to connect to the selected network. The network may no longer be in range.) Also I am running WinXP HP Laptop with Intel Wireless Link 4965AG. I am using windows to manage the wireless connection and if I enter the ssid and key in preffered networks using Open and Shared network authenication it does not connect automatically and if I hit connect it prompts me to enter the key but the key is already there so I just hit connect and it sits there for a moment and then nothing happens ... Any suggestions?

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If you turn off WEP in the Verizon box, does it work OK?

by robo_dev In reply to Laptop wireless will conn ...

Several issues with WLANs in XP:

- windows masks the key entry, so that input errors are not noticed. Watch for trailing spaces if the key is copied from somewhere else.

- the 'WEP key index' in XP for some WLAN adapters starts with ZERO, not one. So if you are setting the WLAN adapter to use WEP key number one, that is the second WEP key in the list.

- For some reason, some WLAN devices ARE case sensitive when it comes to WPA passwords and even WEP keys.

- Some multi-standard (802.11b and 802.11g) devices get confused and flip/flop between the two or pick the wrong one. so if you can lock the PC and the WLAN router to '802.11G Only', that may help.

- Often DHCP simply does not work properly with some devices or routers. Personal firewalls can cause DHCP to fail. If it works with a static IP address, then that may be an issue. Often DHCP is a problem, in general, with battery-powered devices that go to sleep and wake confuses the device.

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