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    Resolution problems with the second monitor.

    by redalpha ·

    I use to be a desktop user but my setup was pretty old and subpar. I sell all the hardware except for the monitor and bought a laptop Lenovo Legion Y540. When I use my laptop with the monitor using a HDMI to VGA adapter the monitor’s native resolution is 1024x 768, whereas the laptop’s native resolution is 1920x 1080. But when I used this monitor in my desktop setup its native resolution was 1920×1080. Is there something that I am missing? Now, what I have tried so far is I did a clean install of the display drivers. I have also tried updating the monitor drivers through device manager plenty of times.

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      Re: monitor

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Resolution problems with the second monitor.

      Updating drivers through Device Manager isn’t recommended. Only install drivers from the maker (in this case: Lenovo).

      The sure solution is to use a monitor with HDMI. A possible solution is using another HDMI-VGA converter.

      What does the shop or Lenovo customer support say about the problem?

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        I have worked out a solution

        by redalpha ·

        In reply to Re: monitor

        So I was finally able to make the monitor work. I simply uninstalled both the monitor drivers from device manager and restarted my laptop. After the restart the issue was resolved. And as for the monitor drivers, the external monitor is really old and if I’m able to understand you correctly you want me to install Lenovo drivers for the display? But the external monitor isn’t from Lenovo, so would the driver install would still work anyway because I am connected to a Lenovo laptop?

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      I read this and missed where you set resolution per display.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Resolution problems with the second monitor.

      Because the external VGA display is not 1080p, you can not mirror the laptop display. The words vary as you read articles but here I would:
      1. Extend the display so I have TWO displays. The laptop and the external.
      2. Now at this point I can set the resolution per display.
      3. If, and I’m guessing here you want to use the laptop as a desktop with the external being the PRIMARY DISPLAY, then you change that as well.

      This is not a driver issue from what I can tell but setup and settings.

      I can’t guess your choice of settings as well as these menus tend to change over time but do read as it has all the menus and settings I use to set this up.

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        I wanted to use the both the options

        by redalpha ·

        In reply to I read this and missed where you set resolution per display.

        I wanted to extend displays and sometimes wanted only the external display to act as primary. I do not understand your reply I am afraid. I have done all this already. When I extend my display I have set the resolution for both the displays separately so that is not the issue. And yes the external monitor is 1080p as I have explained in my post with my old system the 1920×1080 resolution was native so I don’t understand how that would have worked if my monitor wasn’t 1080p.

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