Laptop with CD/DVD doesn't work, want to install linux

By dwyeredward1 ·
I have an HP dv6707us with a CD/DVD player that does not work. I replaced it with a new one and it is recognized now, but still it does not read any discs so it seems to be a MB problem. I'm not trying to deal with it any longer. I am selling as is. Here is my question. Is there a way to install linux FROM an external USB hard drive (NOT a flash drive)? Before anyone asks or suggests 20 different things, I know I can do this or that ie. get an external CD ROM, but that is not an option for me. So if anyone knows of a way using what I have, please help me and let me know how. Thanks.

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Not sure what you're asking

by robo_dev In reply to Laptop with CD/DVD doesn' ...

Can you Install linux while using an external USB hard drive? Yes.

Linux works fine with external USB drives, and can be installed from a USB memory stick.

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Ubuntu on usb stick

by wookieshaver In reply to Laptop with CD/DVD doesn' ...

Not to pick your distro for you but yes it is possible and works awesome. Here is a guide on how to do it on a windows computer with a broken or non-operative dvd/cd rom drive. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/put-ubuntu-10-04-on-flash-drive-using-windows/


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by TobiF In reply to Laptop with CD/DVD doesn' ...

Unetbootin can install linux-based CD images (.iso) on USB flash memories so that you can run the linux system directly from the USB pen drive.

When you've found a distribution you like, I think you can install it to the hard drive from such a "live usb". If not, then use unetbootin to put an installation image to the same pen drive.

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Boot Linux from USB thumb drive no problem

by dldorrance In reply to Laptop with CD/DVD doesn' ...

Most any Linux distribution should work, as this is a newer machine which is capable of booting from a USB drive and it uses Nvidia graphics (recent Ubuntu distributions don't like Intel graphics).

Donwload whatever Linux ISO distribution you like to your computer and download here

Follow the instructions on the link above. To use a small USB stick I would recommend this distro (uses only 100 MB)

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I'm trying to install onto the laptop FROM an external USB HARD DRIVE, not

by dwyeredward1 In reply to Boot Linux from USB thumb ...

I'm trying to install onto the laptop FROM an external USB HARD DRIVE, not flash drive. Thanks.

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External HDD = Flash Drive

by dldorrance In reply to I'm trying to install ont ...

Functionally a flash drive and an external HDD are the same. One has a motor and spinning magnetic disk to store data and the other uses solid state memory. Both contain a USB interface.

So in the instructions above substitute External HDD for Flash Drive. You will end up with a bootable HDD that installs linux (which includes drivers to run your computer).

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