Laptop with crashed boot sector

By mctazman2 ·
Recently I had a laptop that had the top slammed down on it while on. The hard drive refused to boot after that. It is not recovering very nicely. I purchased a Cables to GO laptop to IDE adapter (great invention). However, this little HP drive has female connectors and so does the end of the drive that connects to it. Any suggestions beside beating it to death. Need about a dozen very important docs on this but is is not worth sending to data recovery.

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Is this the adapter

by Jacky Howe In reply to Laptop with crashed boot ...

if it is you need to connect an IDE cable to the 39 pins that are exposed and the other end will plug into the Laptop Drive. Connect the IDE to the Seconday IDE Slot on the Motherboard, plug in a 4X1 power connector and you should be right to go.

<forgot the link>


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Pickup the NB drive turn it on it's back and sit it down on the Bench

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop with crashed boot ...

Look at the Connectors and you'll see an adapter that plugs into the Drive and allows the Drive to connect to the M'Board This is what is called a Gender Bender as the HDD has Male Connector and the M'Board has Male Connectors so HP had to use a Gender Bender to connect the HDD to the M'Board.

This pulls off and is easily lost so be careful with it as they take time to replace. They also go one way so take notice of how it comes off or fit it to the M'Board immediately.


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How soon we forget

by mctazman2 In reply to Pickup the NB drive turn ...

I guess I have been out of hardware just a bit too long. Thanks for the helpful hint (It was the gender changer)

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Your welcome. <NT>

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How soon we forget
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Well now a new problem

by mctazman2 In reply to Laptop with crashed boot ...

Have now resolved the problem of the laptop connector but when I plug into the secondary and set as either master or slave on secondary, it does not power up. All power connectors are postioned tight and correctly so I do not think that the problem is there. Any ideas. Also when used as a slave on the secondary channel. I lose my other drive as well.

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Sounds Like

by The Scummy One In reply to Well now a new problem

the pin configuration is wrong for slave. Try cable select.

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Set the

by Jacky Howe In reply to Well now a new problem

BIOS to autodetect it.

<try and connect> it on the secondary IDE channel. Don't forget to disconnect the Power to the CD/DVD if you are not using it.

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