laptop with docking station media will play but no movie

By sunshine12B ·
when using an IBM laptop with docking staion connected as well as 22inch Visio monitor i am having a problem trying to view a movie. the player works and I am able to see the movie with the laptop. However, when I change the screen to the Visio monitor and close the laptop monitor I am unable to see the movie at all. only if I leave the laptop open can I see the movie. I am in desperate need of help!


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RE: laptop with docking station media will play but no movie

by Jacky Howe In reply to laptop with docking stati ...

Your laptop has a switch that is depressed when you close the lid. You can try this. Right mouse click on the desktop and select properties. Select Screen Saver, Power, Advanced. When I close the lid of my computer might say "Stand By" change it to do nothing.

See how you go.
Just rememberd that I saw one the other day with no switch it was a Toshiba though.
As you just said IBM I couldn't check the specifications.

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Re: Laptop with no lid-switch...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to RE: laptop with docking s ...

I saw one recently and wondered how the "When I shut my laptop lid..." would be handled.

Turns out the laptop has a chassis-mounted magnetic reed switch, on the front leading edge.

Closing the lid 'lifts' the reed switch. Job done.

This laptop also didn't have a sliding catch to lock the screen lid - it too was a magnetic closure.

It looked all nice and neat UNTIL you tried to open the lid, coz there was NOTHING to grip onto to open the lid!

Credit card worked but hardly convenient or secure.

<Edited for afterthought>

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RE: Re: Laptop with no lid-switch...

by Jacky Howe In reply to Re: Laptop with no lid-sw ...

I will have to get the magnifying glass out next time that I come into contact with one. Some of these new designs are a bit over the top.

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