Laptop with ntvdm.exe using 90-100% of CPU

By golden27870 ·
Hi all -
I'm looking at a Dell Latitude d266xt. Has PII, 267 MHz, 128 RAM and is running XP home SP1.
Yes, it sounds bad, I know BUT I was told it was running ok. When I open up the processes there are several strange looking processing running ie. 36110103225115971628.exe and 36110103225215195**5.exe is running approx 6 or 7 times in the list. Neither of these are using more than 10% of the CPU at a time but I want to know what they are and can they be safely removed.
ALSO, and heres the biggest issue. Even with the pc is just sitting there with no programs opened the CPU usage is 90-100% all the time due to ntvdm.exe running 2 seperate times.
Any suggestions?

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Re: Laptop with ntvdm.exe using 90-100% of CPU

Here is a small list of info that might be running on your system. Hope this helps you.

ntvdm.exe - ntvdm - Process Information

Process File: ntvdm.exe or ntvdm
Process Name: Windows NT DOS Virtual Machine

ntvdm.exe is process that belongs to the Windows 16-bit Virtual Machine. It provides an environment for a 16-bit process to execute on a 32-bit platform. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. Check that ntvdm.exe is stable on your computer.

Recommendation for ntvdm.exe:
ntvdm.exe should not be disabled, required for essential applications to work properly.. It is highly recommended to Run a Free Performance Scan to automatically optimize memory, CPU and Internet settings.

Determining whether ntvdm.exe is a virus or a legitimate Windows process depends on the directory location it executes or runs from. Click to Scan your PC including ntvdm.exe to Detect any Security Threat.
Part Of: Windows

Memory Usage: N/A ( Free Up Memory )
System Process: Yes
Background Process: Yes
Uses Network: No
Hardware Related: No
Common ntvdm.exe Errors: N/A ( Click to Repair )

Top System Processes Listed in the WinTasks Process Library
Top System Processes
00thotkey.exe 1xconfig.exe acctmgr.exe
adobe gamma loader.exe agentdpv.dll alcmtr.exe
alcxmntr.exe alg.exe aoldial.exe
apntex.exe ashdisp.exe ashmaisv.exe
ashwebsv.exe aswupdsv.exe atkkbservice.exe
avengine.exe avgamsvr.exe avgas.exe
avgcc.exe avgemc.exe avgupsvc.exe
bdss.exe blastcln.exe bootcfg.exe
brctrcen.exe brss01a.exe brsvc01a.exe
cacls.exe carpserv.exe cavrid.exe
cavtray.exe ccapp.exe ccevtmgr.exe
cclaw.exe ccmexec.exe ccregcli.exe
cfsvcs.exe chkntfs.exe cidaemon.exe
cisvc.exe cli.exe cmd.exe
cmdl32.exe comp.exe convert.exe
csrss.exe ctdetect.exe ctfmon.exe
cthelper.exe dadapp.exe defrag.exe
dfrgntfs.exe dfssvc.exe diskpart.exe
diskperf.exe dllhost.exe dmadmin.exe
doskey.exe dragdiag.exe driverquery.exe
drwtsn32.exe dsagent dsagnt.exe
dsentry.exe dsncservice.exe dumprep.exe
dvdlauncher.exe dwtrig20.exe dwwin.exe
eabservr.exe ehmsas.exe em_exec.exe
eventvwr.exe evteng.exe ewidoctrl.exe
ewido.exe explorer.exe extrac32.exe
ezejmnap.exe fameh32.exe find.exe
finger.exe fixmapi.exe fldrclnr.dll
frameworkservice.exe fsqh.exe fsquirt.exe
fssm32.exe fwcagent.exe fwcmgmt.exe
gbpoll.exe gcasdtserv.exe gcasserv.exe
gdi.exe ghosts~2.exe gpresult.exe
gpupdate.exe hdashcut.exe hddhealth.exe
hidserv.exe hkcmd.exe hpsysdrv.exe
hpztsb07.exe hpztsb09.exe hpztsb10.exe
hscupd.exe hwapi.exe iaanotif.exe
idrivert.exe ie4uinit.exe iexplore.exe
imapi.exe incdsrv.exe inetinfo.exe
inetwiz.exe intelmem.exe internat.exe
isafe.exe isbmgr.exe issch.exe
issvc.exe jusched.exe jushed.exe
kavsvc.exe kem.exe kernelfaultcheck
khooker.exe kpf4gui.exe label.exe
livesrv.exe locator.exe lsass.exe
lucoms~1.exe mad.exe mainserv.exe
mantispm.exe mcagent.exe mcdetect.exe
mcmnhdlr.exe mcnasvc.exe mcods.exe
mcpromgr.exe mcrdsvc.exe mctskshd.exe
mcuimgr.exe mcupdmgr.exe mcvsescn.exe
mcvsftsn.exe mdm.exe mghtml.exe
mmc.exe monitor.exe mozybackup.exe
mpapi3s.exe mpbtn.exe mpcmdrun.exe
mpeng.exe mpfagent.exe mpfservice.exe
mrt.exe msascui.exe mscifapp.exe
mscorsvw.exe msdtc.exe msg.exe
mshta.exe msiexec.exe msinfo32.exe
mskagent.exe msksrvr.exe msmpeng.exe
msnmsgr.exe mspy2002 mstask.exe
mxoaldr.exe mxtask.exe naprdmgr.exe
navapsvc.exe navw32.exe netdde.exe
netstat.exe nip.exe nisum.exe
nmain.exe npfmntor.exe nprotect.exe
nscsrvce.exe nslookup.exe nsmdtr.exe
ntoskrnl.exe ntrtscan.exe ntvdm.exe
oasclnt.exe ofcpfwsvc.exe onetouch.exe
oodag.exe opscan.exe osuninst.exe
padexe.exe pavprsrv.exe pccguide.exe
pccntmon.exe pcctlcom.exe pdsched.exe
phime2002a pqv2isvc.exe print.exe
progman.exe psimsvc.exe qaccess.exe
qoeloader.exe qwinsta.exe rdpclip.exe
redirsvc.exe regini.exe regshave.exe
regsvc.exe retrorun.exe routemon.exe
rrpcsb.exe rsm.exe rsmui.exe
rthdcpl.exe rundll32.exe sapisvr.exe
savroam.exe savscan.exe scanregw.exe
scardsvr.exe sccertprop sched.exe
schedhlp.exe schedul2.exe services.exe
setup50.exe sgbhp.exe sgmain.exe
shadow.exe shwiconem.exe sigverif.exe
smagent.exe smax4.exe smax4pnp.exe
smss.exe sndmon.exe sndsrvc.exe
snmp.exe sort.exe spcustom.dll
sprestrt.exe spuninst.exe spysweeper.exe
sqlmangr.exe starwindservice.exe svchost.exe
swdoctor.exe swupdtmr.exe symwsc.exe
syntpenh.exe system system idle process
systeminfo.exe [system process] taskeng.exe
taskkill.exe tasklist.exe taskmgr.exe
taskswitch.exe tbmon.exe tcpsvcs.exe
tgcmd.exe tintsetp.exe tmlisten.exe
tmpfw.exe tmproxy.exe tponscr.exe
tpscrex.exe tracert6.exe trueimagemonitor.exe
tsc.exe tscon.exe tsshutdn.exe
type32.exe typeperf.exe uaservice7.exe
ulcdrsvr.exe unlockerassistant.exe unsecapp.exe
updspapi.dll uphclean.exe upnpcont.exe
user.exe userinit.exe vcsw.exe
verifier.exe vetmsg.exe viewmgr.exe
vssadmin.exe vsserv.exe vstskmgr.exe
vttimer.exe webproxy.exe wgatray.exe
winlogon.exe winmgmt.exe wisptis.exe
wlballoon wltray.exe wmiapsrv.exe
wmiprvse.exe wowdeb.exe wowexec.exe
wrsssdk.exe wscntfy.exe wuauclt1.exe
wuauclt.exe wuaudt.exe xpsp2res.dll

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Tame software

by contact In reply to Laptop with ntvdm.exe usi ...

Tame edit a small sofware which resolve this problem. You can download an evaluation version at

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ntvdm.exe reduction to 10-20%

by light-bulb In reply to Laptop with ntvdm.exe usi ...


Find your DOS program's pif file or create one - you'll have to look up how. Go to the 'Misc' tab and set slider for 'Idle Sensitivity' two notches from the right.
Not all Win XP Normal priority programs execute at the same level. NTVDM can get all of the cycles. Change it's priority to 'Below Normal'. Good Luck!

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