Laptop without a touchpad

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It might seem a stupid question and it's probably why I haven't found anything on the internet but it actually makes some sense if you see my point from a gaming perspective.

Although a Laptop is supposed to have a touchpad because it is supposed to be portable and used without connecting another mouse to it or any other hardware when you look at it from gaming purposes no one uses the touchpad. Also, if you are used to playing on a PC and you use the WASD keys for movement your hand rests nicely on the desk because your wrist rests lower than your fingers. However, on a laptop, you are forced to rest your wrist on the laptop itself which is on the same level as the keyboard and makes it uncomfortable for the hand. And it is all because of the touchpad.

Another thing is that, if the touchpad gets removed, laptop keyboards can get bigger and make it more comfortable for gamers as a lot of keyboards on laptops are quite small.

Now a lot of you may still laugh at me and say I'm dumb, because why not just build a PC then? Well, again, it is a gaming laptop I am talking about, which you can still carry around easily unlike a PC and you only need to include a mouse in your bag, which the majority does anyways today.

Also, I would like to know why this would not work, like if I am missing something in the design behind laptops as I am in no means an expert in this area. It's just an idea that I believe with the latest technology development would make sense but is still not out there.
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If you are resting your arms on the space where

by wizard57m-cnet Moderator In reply to Laptop without a touchpad

the trackpad/touchpad is located, you might want to disable the pad using device manager of whatever
operating system you are using. Remember to re-
enable it after gaming. Laptops were not really meant
as heavy gaming machines, though many now have
enough power to play even demanding games...
portability, that's the primary reason laptops have touchpads/

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good one

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Laptop without a touchpad

Hey bro, you got an interesting point here. Though there might be solution for you to escape placing your hand on the left corner side on the laptop concerning the touch pad also. It's known that you can connect a gaming mouse to your laptop, though you have to choose the proper gaming mouse(link removed by moderator) - really helpful when Another thing is that you can also connect a keyboard to your laptop. That way you will escape any physical contact with your laptop, it feels like you are playing on a computer with a smaller monitor 17".

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by JRPM In reply to Laptop without a touchpad

I have been slightly anti touchpad since my first laptop. My hands are too big. And it was the early 90s. I say slightly because there have been instances of convenience such as when my mouse batteries died. But overall, having the cursor znd screen position take off to points unknown unexpectedly out ways that.

ASUS mothership (g700gx) was an answer i found, but they are apparently not available any more. I also saw a reference to an hp model, but now i can't find it again.

There is a market out there. Maybe with better marketing we will find it.

(I am not a newbie. CSP,CCP,CDP since the 80's, working with computers since 71.)

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