Laptop won't boot.

By davidseabolt8 ·
I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 that had water spilled on the keyboard and would not boot after this. I removed the motherboard and after inspecting it I saw a chip that was fried. I ordered a new motherboard (from e-bay)and replaced it. I still have the same problem ... it powers on for 2 seconds ... the hard drive nor fan comes on and then it shuts down. I get no display response from the power on. Any suggestions?

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Replace cpu?

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Laptop won't boot.

You mention you replaced the motherboard. Did you replace the cpu, as well? Also, are you getting any power on led's? Any sounds?

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Have not replaced CPU.

by davidseabolt8 In reply to Replace cpu?

I have not replaced the CPU. Will try to find one. When I attempt to power the unit on, I do get the LED's to light up for about 3 full seconds and then they go out. I do not get any type of sound or response from the screen. Thanks for your quick reply ... any help is greatly appreciated.

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CPU may be damaged.

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Have not replaced CPU.

It's possible the cpu was damaged as well. You are probably right to try that next. (Given what sounds like the severity of the damage). It doesn't sound like the bios is able to initiate the power on diagnostic test (post)and that is why you do not hear any sound, beeps or noise. Some critical component (cpu?) is not working.

If you still have problems after replacing the cpu, post again.

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by davidseabolt8 In reply to CPU may be damaged.

Thanks for the quick reply ... have a buddy that might have a replacement CPU and I'm gonna try replacing it. If that doesn't do the trick, I'll let you know.

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Did you get this working?

by nevski In reply to Laptop won't boot.

Wondering if you got this working.. have the exact same situation where I spilled a liquid o the laptop, and am about to buy another mobo off of ebay... did you get this working or?

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