Laptop wont boot from Authentic Windows XP disc

By Phatboy6 ·
I have an old P4m laptop with a functioning CD/DVD drive that will not boot from the CD. The bios is set to read CD drive 1st, then C drive then LAN. This laptop has operating sytems (in various working states) on both partitions of the disc (C&D). What i am trying to do is delete all OS's and make a single partition working laptop but it is impossible. I can't delete the partition in Windows because it boots from D but holds system info on C. It won't let me format the C drive when i start in Safe mode with Networking prompt because there is sys info there. What can i do? Bar throwing it out the window onto a crowded street....Many thanks for your follow ups, greatly appreciated..

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Have you tried...

by otaku_lord In reply to Laptop wont boot from Aut ...

wiping the disk with a third party package like Partition Magic?

Also, make sure that the drive can read the disk while you are booted into the OS. It could be dirty optics or something similar.

Check those and then we can try some other things...

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P Magic

by Phatboy6 In reply to Have you tried...

Hi, No but Partition magic was my next step. I nthe end i managed to forma the D drive setting up a new installation of Windows and in the Command prompt in setup changing directories and formatting. No i have loaded windows on top of another earlier version and just have the documents and settings a little full of earlier users stuff i.e, not that important. The bootable CD thing is still dogging me and doesn?t have anything to do with the optical device as it is clean and works perfectly under windows. Might be a loading the bios again thing...

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by Kenone In reply to Laptop wont boot from Aut ...

What happens when you try to boot from the CD?
Do you get an error message?
What does it say?

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Check BIOS settings

by oldbaritone In reply to Laptop wont boot from Aut ...

A PC from that vintage should be able to boot from the CD, and should recognize a bootable CD.

Try removing the HDD from the bootable device list, and leave the CD as the only boot device.

Does it have anything like "F12 for boot menu?" just asking.

Will the authentic CD boot on a different system? (Check that there is no damage to the boot tracks of the CD)

Can you plug in an external CD drive and boot from that? Sometimes there are compatibility issues, and it sounds like you may have some.

The key to the HDD changes is getting the PC to boot from the setup CD. Then you can wipe/format the HDD for the reinstall.

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boot disk

by Phatboy6 In reply to Check BIOS settings

hi, thanks for your reply. in Bios i set all the boot devices to CD-ROM and it just comes up with a grey square with the 4 options and the CD rom option highlighted. Wont do anything from there, press enter repeatedly and keeps coming up with the same thing.....REally weird

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Have you tried

by mafergus In reply to Laptop wont boot from Aut ...

using a different boot CD like ultimate bootcd or BartPE.

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boot cd

by Phatboy6 In reply to Have you tried

No i haven?t but will give it a go. Thanks

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Have you tried using something like

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Laptop wont boot from Aut ...

Boot & Nuke to wipe the drive and then try installing the OS?


Also how did you test the Optical Drive to make sure that it actually is working?

If you tried it with a DVD and it worked that only shows that the DVD works as there are 2 different wavelength/color LED's to generate the Laser beams it is possible that one works and the other doesn't. It's a common thing to have a DVD Drive read one type of media and not the other.

Also when you go into the BIOS and make any changes to boot from the Optical Drive do you save the changes as you exit the BIOS?

If not then you are not setting the system to boot from the Optical Drive.


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