Laptop won't boot into windows

By luv2bike2 ·
something very weird going on with this laptopOptions
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HP Pavilion dv6000 (Hp Pavilion dv6500) Entertainment PC

Windows Vista

AMD Turion (tm) 64 X2 Mobile Technoloty TL - 58 processor

ms updates - up to date (well they were up to date as of 6/15/2010)

do not have the system recovery cd (was not created when the user bought the laptop and did not know they had to create the system recovery cd.--makes it harder for us IT people to fix their computers)

Ok this will be lenghtly since i have been working on this problem for 3 days now.

The problem is: the laptop will not boot into windows. it will go through the motion and you can see very faintly the microsoft windows logo but it sits there for ever. There is no BSoD to get an error code even though i have turned on boot logging and disabled automatic restart on system failure. what i have done (many times) (side note--i am not physically connected to any network, it is just stand-alone)

1) boot up last know config .... no go --- get black screen

2) boot up into safe mode..... no go -- the screen says:
Loaded: crcdisk.sys... and stays there forever. there are plenty of forum issues out there about hanging on crcdisk.sys however the problem does not seem to be crcdisk.sys since it says it has loaded.

3) boot up pressing ESC and get the message Window Error Recovery

windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

if windows files have been damaged or configured incorrectly, startup repair can help diagnose and fix the problem.

if power was interrupted during startup, choose start windows normally.

I have tried both... launch startup repair and start windows normally.

launch --- windows is loading files........ than it just hangs... black screen. does not go anywhere. no cursor.. after a while i turn it off and on and press ESC and get the black screen but faintly i can see Microsoft Corporation at the botton of the screen but no MS logo that usually shows up in the middle of the screen.... turn it off after of couple of minutes (and there has been times when it would be more like 10 minutes or longer, because i was in the middle of something else so it is not like i am turning it off too soon.)

4) ran HP Primary Hard Disk Self Test and Memory Test both passed with flying colors.

5) Windows Boot Manger... choose an operating system to start... only have Microsoft Windows Vista there, selected that one and i get in to the windows error recovery screen again. (see # 3)

6) at one point on Tuesday, I was able to boot up the laptop, I don't really know what i did for it to boot into windows however i was able to copy all of the data off of it. once the data was copied to a flash drive, i did a disk defrag and a disk check and everything seemed to be fine. Reboot and guess what ... yeap it will not boot up. thank goodness i was able to copy the data.

7 ) i figured i would reimage the laptop using an Vista dvd/CD from another Vista laptop ...put the dvd in the dvd drive, boot .... it will not boot from the dvd/cd drive, went into the BIOS and made sure that the DVD/CD drive was present to boot from and it is placed at the top of the list. Still will not boot from the dvd. the dvd will boot up on another computer however it will not boot up on this laptop. (the drive is a DVD and not just a CD drive) I know the DVD drive works, when it booted up (see number 6) i was able to read a dvd and a cd. I have also reseated the DVD/CD drive.

chatted with HP tech online and the tech had me do the System recovery, reformated the hard drive, installed vista from the system recovery partition. booted, logged in, started to copy over the files and decided before i copy all of the files over lets reboot again... you guessed it... it will NOT boot into Vista AGAIN. i have been trying to run the system recovery again.. but i can not get into it ...

9) first thing this morning i booted into Safe Mode and was able to log in, however when i rebooted again in normal mode same issue-won't boot into winodws. i just tried safe mode and now it won't go into safe mode. last line says
Loaded: \windows\system32\drivers\crcdisk.sys.
very weird.

has anyone every experience this? does anyone have any suggestions? the laptop is only a couple of years old. i believe the user bought it in 2008.

thanks in advance.

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Has this computer got a Wireless card built in?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Laptop won't boot into wi ...

If so, go into the BIOS and disable it.
if it boots up then your wireless card could be at fault and you need to replace it.

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Food for thought

by philldmc In reply to Has this computer got a W ...

I've notice you said you've been working on this for three days..

Have you just considered a clean install? HP's don't they have a F10 or F8 some option for factory reset at boot up? I kno with ACER, Toshiba, etc all have this feature, unless it was deleted by user.

I'm assuming the HP has this?

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clean install

by luv2bike2 In reply to Food for thought

Thank you Phildmc for responding.

I had an online chat with HP in which they had me go into system recovery which wiped out the system (format) and install the OS from the factory. now even if i wanted to go back to redo the system recovery, i can not get back into it.

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by luv2bike2 In reply to Has this computer got a W ...

thanks Peconet for responding. There is an built in wireless card which in BIOS it does not show up, so i could disable it, i disconnected the card from the system and that did not work. still hanging on me.

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have you got a HDD adapter ?

by CG IT In reply to Laptop won't boot into wi ...

I'd take the HDD out of the laptop, stick it on a running computer as a slave, run malwarebytes, and run an AV scan.

If you don't have a HDD adapter, I'd go get one. Be good to have in the kit.

I use this one. http://www.cwol.com/usb/usb-sata-ide-adapter-granite-8240.htm

I'd flash the bios, just to be sure. bios viruses are nonexistent these days, but you never know. I'd also scan the the recovery partition.

If you can boot to bios, might check health status, and reset bios to factory defaults.

I've run into cases where the owner overclocks, then brings the thing in when it doesn't work, failing to mention, they overclocked it [because hey, it's not their fault it doesn't work].

Just some ideas to eliminate potential problems.

Also might try running chkdsk and use the fix switch.

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will give these a try,

by luv2bike2 In reply to have you got a HDD adapte ...

i don't have an adapter for the HDD (we don't use laptops in the office, this is one of my users daughters laptop and uses it for college papers and play itunes), i will see if i can purchase one.

The one thing I know is that the daughter did not overclock the system, the user would not even know how too overclock it.

i will get back to once i have completed what you suggested. it might be a while if i am going to purchase an adapter for the HDD.

thank you for your suggestions.

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the one thing I've learned about kids and laptops

by CG IT In reply to will give these a try,

is that they let their friends use em and well, often that means that the laptop ends up screwd up.

reset the bios to factory defaults.

run malwarebytes and an AV.

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HP Laptop HD is

by luv2bike2 In reply to have you got a HDD adapte ...

an SATA HD, however the SATA adapters will not work, i have an SATA external hd enclosure and the SATA cables will not fit into the connector on the hard drive, totally different. i went to Staples and looked at the adapter they have there and that one will not work. Not sure why HP SATA HD is different. I have not been able to boot up the laptop it wants to launch the system Recovery however when it launches it hangs. so i decided to see if i can install Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro and when it gets to the part in XP installation, it goes through "setup is loading files (lists all the files)" than it gets to the "setup is starting windows" and sits forever. I finally turn off the machine after 1/2 hour-figure i would give it some time and not shut it down too soon. Then I tried windows 7, same thing it does it thing than the MS screen comes up and says "starting Windows" and sits there.
i have ran the hd diagnostic test several times and it comes up with no problems at all. i can not even boot up so that i can flash the BIOS, i did reset the BIOS to factory default and it did not do anything.

I am not sure where to go from here except to buy another hd but for some reason i don't believe another hd would work. what are your thoughts.

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SATA connectors are standardized connectors

by CG IT In reply to HP Laptop HD is

HP doesn't use some proprietary SATA connectors.

So if you bought a USB IDE/SATA adapter, it will work, just follow the instructions.

Inland makes one that works and is pretty cheap $20.00 USD.

note: the kit should have come with a SATA power adapter which plugs into the power brick [supply] that came with the USB adapter.

That powers on the HDD. the SATA cable should connect to the SATA slot on the USB cable, you can use the one from the comp or the one supplied with the USB IDE/SATA adapter.

Just plug it in and Windows sees the HDD as a device.

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Ordered a USB IDE/SATA Adapter

by luv2bike2 In reply to SATA connectors are stand ...

Not sure if I will get it before going on Vacatioin. If i do get by the end of this week, I will post back if i was successful or not, if I don't get it I will respond after July 26th. Thank you very much for your help!

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