laptop wont boot

By eltonpiko ·
hi all im really have a hard time with my laptop first off the network port light stay on as soon as i turn the laptop on even if theres no network cable connected to it and even if the laptop is off an i plug ac charger it turn on.second the laptop wont boot on battery after a lot off pressing the power button it may start but just the power light turn on but dont boot up.when i plug charger it turn on and auto restart and stay on blank screen and dont boot up.ive change a the ram with a working one but still does the same please help.

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Try this...

by cmiller5400 In reply to laptop wont boot

Unplug the ac charger. Take out the battery. Then press and hold the power on button for 20 seconds. Then press and release the power button 10-15 times. Then plug the battery back in and then the ac charger. Try powering on the laptop.

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by Bapster In reply to Try this...

Try pulling out the battery, then plugging in the AC adaptor and then try to power on w/o the battery in the unit. If it comes on, it is probably a BAD battery. Seen this happen alot.

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by eltonpiko In reply to Also..

still not working even if i power it up without the battery inside.could this be a bios problem and ive seen in some forum that some people got theres working with bios recovery even if there laptop dont boot or show anything i try looking for my model laptop how to perform that but noting found.i have a acer extansa 4630z

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not working

by eltonpiko In reply to Try this...

ive tried what you suggest still not working and also the laptop is heating up alot even if its not booting.

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by patb071 In reply to not working

Sounds like you are having some major hardware issues. Did all this happen at once?

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by eltonpiko In reply to Hardware

nope it started with the network port first.then i saw that it was heating up.but the laptop boot ok.the after a while i shut down it wouldnt boot it stayed on blank screen i try power it on a few times and it boot up.but now it wont boot up at all.this happen when i was shuting down my laptopi remove the network cable before shuting down since it was a stormy night the a saw that even if the cable was unplug the port light was still on it try shuting down it freezes so i turn it off by holding the power button thats when all the problem started.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Bad

Can you see the BIOS splash screen?

If not, it sounds like the motherboard is fried. It would be cheaper to buy a new laptop at today's prices.

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nope.but strange

by eltonpiko In reply to Question?

i cannot see the bios screen its totally blank but its really strange because after all that hard time it boot up once and i could use the laptop without a problem without the battery inside just on i assume that the problem was with bios i downloaded the latest bios version and update it via windows option and hade to restart.then it didn't boot again now having the same prob.

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Never Assume anything

by cmiller5400 In reply to nope.but strange

Always make sure that you know before you act. I've been bitten before by the "update bug" It's not always in your best interest to update the BIOS on a machine that is unstable unless you KNOW that there is a fix in that release for the problems you are having. If the update went flukey and screwed up during the flash, you are totally toasted now. Depending on the age of the laptop it may be cheaper to just buy a new one because most laptops must be sent to factory to be re-flashed if the BIOS went south. Sorry.

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by eltonpiko In reply to nope.but strange

the update i downloaded from the acer website was suppose to be a update to fix unbootabl issues.anyway ive open up my laptop to pieces and remove the motherboard i found that a chip broadcom bcm5764mkmlg have a hole inside it which i suppose the ic is for the network adapter and for the way it looks its totaly burned.could this help prevent the laptop from booting

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