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Laptop working in a Domain & Workgroup

By ntra9236 ·
I have Managers who travel between several sites, one site is on a domain and the others in workgroups. How do I get a laptop to work in a workgroup environment and also a Domain, without having to change the configuration thru My Computer properties every time they change between a workgroup and the domain?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Laptop working in a Domai ...

Split hard disk into 2 partitions. Install XP on both partitions, set one up for a workgroup and one for a domain!

It is possible to login locally w/o a domain by creating users on the local Computer Management and view other computers on different workgroups as normal.

Hardware profiles won`t do it as that only affects drivers and turning on/off specific hardware.

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by CG IT In reply to Laptop working in a Domai ...

Dual boot as P.J. says.

the computer can only be a member of 1 type of "group", either a workgroup or a domain but not both at the same time. Therefore hardware profiles won't work.

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by Sue T In reply to Laptop working in a Domai ...

Here is what I did when I had to setup a couple of laptops running Win98 to be able to do what you want. To move between buildings and be able to connect to the network in each building using a pc laptop ? in Network Neighborhood Properties setup all of the settings (IP, gateway, etc.) and reboot the computer. After the computer reboots open regedit and export this branch ? Hkey_Local_Machine\System\Current Control Set\Services
Give the export file a name to identify it.

Do this for each building that you need. When the person goes to another building just have them double click on the exported file for that building, click on YES when it asks if you are sure and then reboot the computer. This imports the needed settings into the registry and they can connect. If you are using XP instead of rebooting you can open Task Manager and click End Task on Explorer.exe and this will refresh windows and save the time of rebooting. I hope this helps solve your problem.

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by JerryRBP In reply to Laptop working in a Domai ...

workgroup and domain should have the same name and the laptop should be a member of the workgroup and not the domain. This work for me when I was using a NT domain controler. I have had to try it with newer win servers.

The other thing I would try is setting up VPN on Domain and have the laptop connect through VPN when on the domain network.

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IP Address Good Solution

by digitek In reply to

I had the same issue with a domain work laptop and a home workgroup, both XP based. The trick was connecting to \\192.168.X.Y of the local workgroup machine, while disconnected from any VPN software of the laptop.

This seemed to do the trick nicely without leaving the domain or renaming my local workgroup to match the work domain name.

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by l.harper In reply to Laptop working in a Domai ...

I set up all of our mobile laptops on a workgroup that is the same name as our network domain. The user is created as a local user on the laptop, but the individual also has a network login.

With this setup, the user is able to view the other computers on the network, and if they need to access them, they are prompted for an authenticated domain login at that time. Otherwise, they should be able to change workgroups at will in the other locations without having to dual-boot, reboot, or switch profiles.

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