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    by sukhi.singh ·

    is there a way to disable the touchpad on laptops?
    ive found nothing in the settings.

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      by sachin ·

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      This should work on Windows

      1.Go to the control panel and select System.

      2.Highlight +Mouse to expand the list to display all the current mice installed on
      the system.

      3.Right-click on the one you want to disable and select properties.

      4.Ensure that ‘Disable from all hardware profies’ is checked and press ok. Press
      yes if prompted to save changes and/ reboot.

      5.When you reboot the touchpad mouse should be disabled.

      This should work also for the infamous ‘nipple’ in the center of a keyboard a well.
      As the drivers for the ‘nipple’ are based on the same principle as the touchpad.

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      by retallic01 ·

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      press F2 on startup usually settings in BIOS settings.

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