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    Laptops- AMD vs INTEL


    by rmarzano ·

    I am looking into supplying employees with laptops and would like input as to the performance of the AMD Athlon cpu vs. the Intel pentium cpu.

    does the AMD cpu run cool enough to maximize the laptop?

    does the Intel cpu have any advantages over the AMD?

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      Personally, Intel

      by hereinoz ·

      In reply to Laptops- AMD vs INTEL

      My preference is Intel particularly the processors specially designed for mobile use due to their cool running (good name for a film) ad lower power consumption.

      AMDs are OK but they do tend to run hotter.

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      Laptop Mfg

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Laptops- AMD vs INTEL

      I personally am more concerned with who made the laptop, and the overall quality of construction.

      The unfortunate fact is that most laptops with AMD CPUs are cheaply made.
      The manufactures are aiming at a price-point. They have no intention of producing a quality PC.

      Generally, I lean toward AMD CPUs over Intel.
      I can build a better performing PC for much less using an AMD CPU.

      On a laptop you want to be sure that the manufacture is using a mobile version of the CPU.

      One advantage that Intel has is the Centrino CPUs with built-in wireless support.
      If you expect to be using your laptops with wireless networking, Intel may be a better choice.


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        Centrino Wireless

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to Laptop Mfg

        Centrino wireless suppor tis supposed ot be unique. I think that the ONLY advantage to Centrino is battery length is longer.

        My laptop has built in wireless networking with the antennae in the screen, which has a titanium reinforced grid behind the display.
        PIII M 1.13Ghz, 640 MB RAM, built-in wireless.

        It runs like a top. I haven’t found someone with a newer Centrino or AMD that outperforms it yet.
        Even P4M’s seem slower.

        As Chas said, Manufacturer is very important. My Thinkpad was a little pricey, but the 3-year onsite warranty has replaced my DVD(when I dropped the notebook and bent the tray) and the Keyboard (I picked up my cat from my keyboard and he pulled two keys off). No cost, with a happy “Is there anything else we can help you with?”

        Compaq offers good support (I prefer their Desktops) but I’m not big on the notebooks, even though the EVO series is pretty nice.

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