Laptop's external monitor not working

By pseudolobster ·
I have a compaq presario 2100 laptop which won't output to any monitor I plug into it.. .and I'm almost at my wit's end...

I've formatted, installed the latest drivers, flashed firmwares, tried several cables and a couple different monitors... I've played with fn+f5, I've tried every resolution and refresh rate...

I thought maybe it was just one of the pins leading up to the connector and went out and bought a docking station for it, but still having the same problem.

Basically, when I plug in a monitor, windows detects it, I get a beep-boop noise, and it's visible in device manager, and it shows connected in the ati's little control panel, it even knows what resolutions and refresh rates it supports... but the monitor stays blank, and goes into power saving mode.

The internal lcd, as well as svideo and composite out all work, just not vga....

Any thoughts?

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Right click on the desktop and go to Display Proprieties

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Laptop's external monitor ...

Look to see if the second monitor is enabled and where it is compared to the NB Monitor. If that is OK then click on the Advanced Tab and check the settings for Monitor 2 in there.


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by pseudolobster In reply to Right click on the deskto ...

Thanks, I've tried that.

I've also tried every combination of resolution/refresh rate.. no luck.

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