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    laptops for gaming


    by incline-droids0s ·


    So i need some help. I work away alot, and usually game on console. Im looking at buying a laptop for gaming while im away, but dont know what specs i should be looking at, or what im looking at in general. Travelling by plane i dont want anything overly heavy. It would mostly be playing FPS type games. Im not looking to spend alot of money. Would a laptop costing around $400-600 with 8gb of ram be enough?.

    Also, thoughts on buying a second hand gaming laptop?

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      Re: games

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to laptops for gaming

      First look at site of the makers of the games you want to play for the recommended system requirements. Then you know what you’re looking for, and tell us that.

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      About 2nd hand.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to laptops for gaming

      Many are sold because the owner had problems with the unit or it didn’t meet their needs. Since you want it for gaming this is usually a bad idea unless you can withhold payment until you can be sure your choice of game runs without issues.

      Gaming on a plane? That’s another issue. Laptops reduce performance to extend battery time. My gaming laptops could not reach 60 minutes of runtime if I overrode the settings to get game performance.

      That’s TWO NO’s from me dawg.

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      gaming laptop

      by irtazasheikj1 ·

      In reply to laptops for gaming

      I have summarized the article Best Laptop Under 400$
      It has the best laptops under $400 and also tells ways to buy those.

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      by Triptinishat ·

      In reply to laptops for gaming

      I also wanted to buy one with this budget. That’s why I’m answering.

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