Laptops initial attempt to connect to wireless access point fails

By sciencenovice ·
Whenever I initially turn my laptop (pc) on it fails to connect to an access point (e.g. in the library). I've looked at the properties section in the wireless network connection and in the wireless networks section all the preferred networks show automatic connection. The connection is firewalled but that isn't any different than previous to this problem. I'm suspicious that one of my recent downloads changed my registry but I'm not sure which one. I can fix the problem each time by doing a repair (ie disabling and enabling the connection) but it's a hassle. I don't have any timeout issues or change of configuration after I've done the repair. Despite "googling" the problem I'm stumped. I need some suggestions. Thanks Science Student

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Answer burried real deep......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Laptops initial attempt t ...

Burried deep in the wireless setup (I forget where it's at) is an option that tells it which order to connect to the wireless access points. Change the default to connect to the spot you use the most. When accessing the other spots, you may still get this error the first time.

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Right click the systray wireless icon . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Answer burried real deep. ...

Left click 'View available wireless networks' > on the left is a box marked 'Related Tasks' > click on 'Change the order of preferred networks' > move your preferred wireless access point to the top of the list.

Also, any network points that may occassionaly confuse your wifi - delete them from here to stop that happening.

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