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my laptop has a problem with the password it has an error code HCCPZ41-595B and i can't access the laptop how do i get through with the password because my company has stop business because of the problem with the password

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Very little to go on ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to laptops

What password, what laptop, what is "HCCPZ41-595B" (where does it appear?), what program does the password belong to?

How come an entire company downs tools because one laptop falters??

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Please give us more info so we can help you.

by IT-Sim?n In reply to laptops

What brand is your computer? what model number? (look for tags on the bottom of it.
or model number above the keyboard)

when does the error occur?

examples.. right after you turn it on? or right after the windows xp logo flashes? or when you try to log on? or after you log on?

did you make any changes to the computer before this problem began?

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Well, we can't help you defeat password protection, but

by seanferd In reply to laptops

letting us know if this is a BIOS password, or Windows logon password, Netware password, etc. would help.

When the error occurs would also help: if it occurs because the password entered is wrong, we can't help you, but we can tell you who to call.

HCCPZ41-595B does not show up on the internet anywhere, much less as an error code. Could this possibly be the "full name" of the laptop?

As mentioned above, the machine make and model, the installed OS, and whether this is connected to a network would be helpful information as well.

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