Large Backup Jobs

By CHcomputers ·
I have a CPA that is backing up 300gb a night to tape. The problem is that its taking 7.5 hours to complete the backup and the backup window only allows for 8 hours. Its an all windows environment and all servers are at the same office. The tape backup is connected to the file server directly with a SCSI cable. It takes 1.5 hours to backup 50 Gb of data on the file server, and the other 6 hours to backup 250 Gb from an exchange server coming through the network at gigabit speeds. Anyone have any suggestions on a better way to do this? We ran cat6 cable between all of the servers hoping that would increase the exchange backup, but it did not!

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Which type of tape backup?

by f-4876275 In reply to Large Backup Jobs

Which type of Tape backup drive do you use? How many drive? It may be your bottleneck.

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Backup to disk

by Churdoo In reply to Large Backup Jobs

The tape is the bottleneck. Backup to disk, then spool to tape from the disk backup -- this effectively increases your backup window to 24 hours.

Of course you'll need another 300GB of disk, but disk is relatively inexpensive.

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Here is a question

by IC-IT In reply to Large Backup Jobs

Why are they doing a full backup nightly?
I hardly believe that all 300GB are being modified on a daily basis.
It would seem logical to do a nightly incremental backup, a weekend differential and a monthly full backup. Sorry just my 2 cents.

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Reply to your question

by CHcomputers In reply to Here is a question

I agree that there is no need to do a full backup nightly, and I am trying to get them out of that. But at this point he feels more comfortable knowing he has mutiple full backups. You see, unfortunately, these servers are not very reliable due to the fact that their previous IT person used a lot of refurbished parts and pieced everything together. So I have came in to help clean it all up, but We have some other stuff to fix before we can replace the servers. Trust me, It's really a nightmare! I recommended backing up to disk, and that is what I would like to do. I was just wondering if anyone had any better ways to back up to disk even. The backup software he is using is Symantec BackupExec 10d.

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