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Large datacenters for web services: show me

Hia folks

I'm in the middle of a "war" to convince my top boss that we need to turn many of our in-house work to web-based services: email servers, log term data archiving, web access filter/protection, etc.
Cost, ofc, is a problem, but the main problem is this: he comes from a generation that believed in keeping EVERYTHING in-house, "cause it's the only way we can keep control and safety!".

Our department, along with some outside help, are galantly fighting back, explaining scalability, amount of equipment and room necessary (just for the email archiving, I'm looking at 1Terabyte/year, minimum), costs, security certifications, etc. But I want be able to show him what a web-services datacenter is. I mean the really big ones, like google's or other services.

Anyone knows of where I can get some basic information on large datacenters: size, locations, services provided, costs, etc? I need to really show him how much is done in the cloud these days

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Start small.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Large datacenters for web ...

Start with something that isn't mission critical. Of the functions you listed, I'd start with data archiving. A few days delay in retrieving old data may be tolerable in exchange for getting rid of the servers and storage to host it in house. On the other hand, I wouldn't consider moving e-mail to the cloud for a few years yet; there are still to many reliability questions.

Pick your battles carefully, and don't try to fight them all at the same time.

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No choice

by JLVFR In reply to Start small.

I'm afraid I have no choice. All our hardware (servers and storage) is at it's end. I'm looking at a minimum of 50-70000 euros for replacement and minimum upgrades, in equipment costs only. Add new licences, hiring qualified personel to install and configure everything...
And in 2-3, start looking at more $$$$ for more upgrades...
It's either this or go external...

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cloud or in-house?

by pkefi In reply to Large datacenters for web ...

I would like to join the conversation, and help.
I agree with what Palmetto_CharlieSpencer said, a 100% migration to the cloud isn't necessary a long term solution.
My experience in a web archiving company taught me that In-House customers are more satisfied than cloud ones. I believe for non critical mission cloud can be a good alternative, but i do not agree on costs.
for these reasons: 1-hardware is getting cheaper and cheaper.
2-some costs and annual fees for the cloud are not justified, there is a lack of transparency in the pricing system (I remember working for a cloud service provider, who was charging setup fees (incredible amounts compared to the work of installing remotely a software or for a first crawl))
3-There is turnkey solutions (hardware+software) of course not suitable for email archiving, i am talking about bigger investment. You will only pay for the support which is supposed to be less than 8% of the purchase.
As an IT marketer i encourage In-house investment when you have to buy a big solution for the long term.
hope i helped!

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