Large HDD detection In windows 2000 server

By sukantakgoswami ·

I am having two 300 GB SEAGATE SATA Hard Drive which is not getting detected in windows 2000 Serer editing. But the same is getting detected in windows 2003 server without any problem. Can any body tell me how the 300 Hard Drives can be configured in windows 2000 server also.


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48 bit LBA

by 1bn0 In reply to Large HDD detection In wi ...

I'm not sure if 48 bit LBA is relevant to SATA and the 127GB limit but I do know the Motherboard bios has to be compatible as well.

I have a 200GB drive in a windows 2000 machine that I can not use over 127 MB because there is no BIOS uopgrade available for the mother board to support this.

You need to check the BIOS level of your MB and see if it supports 48 bit LBA or if there is a BIOS upgrade that does.

You will still have to add 48 bit LBA support to windows 2000.

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Large HDD detection In windows 2000 server

by dvale In reply to Large HDD detection In wi ...

First check the BIOS on the computer you have windows 2000 server installed on and see if the BIOS reports the correct disk size. If the correct size is reported then go to the following link and download and run the file: reg_48bit_lba.exe. Make sure you have SP4 installed on your server first.
If the BIOS does not report the correct disk size then you will have to check that your motherboard supports 48bit LBA.

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what about pre-install

by srini_vasa In reply to Large HDD detection In wi ...

All the resolution or remedy given can be implemented only after installation.

What about the pre installation problem. For me the problem is the setup itself is showing wrong capacity.
It only shows 128gb instead of 320gb.

It shows partitions in wrong sizes.

I'm looking for answer for this problem. any one came across this problem.


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BIOS is not done after installation.

by 1bn0 In reply to what about pre-install

Boot your comouter and enter the setup/BIOS program.

Does the BIOS correctly report the HDD size?
You also may be able to determine if your mother board supports 48bit LBA from the website documentation.

If your mother board does not CURRENTLY support 48bit LBA but a newer BIOS will add support, then you can upgrade the BIOS. Instructions to do so should be provided on the vendors site as well.

I re-partitioned my 200 GB drive by mounting it in a USB enclosure that did support 48bit LBA.

I have not tried installing W2K3 server this way but you might be able to pre-partition and format the drive in an external enclosure and the try installing the OS.

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