Large nightly backup over T1? Speed an issue

By chris ·
We are attempting to get an offsite backup off the ground for our graphic design server. This server houses nearly 500 GB of data of which maybe 4-8 gb can change daily. We'd like to use a mirror or incremental backup to a 1TB HP MediaVault. We have a second office which has a connection over T1...After testing with multiple backup softwares including Novastor (our top choice)we have had very little luck getting a backup to complete, even with compression. Obviously there is NO WAY to get a full backup in a night or even 2-3 days with 500 GB...but should we be able to expect a 5 GB transfer to be possible overnight on a T1 connection, or is that asking to much of a T1? It seems to me that it's just not going to be fast enough, but my IT manager seems to think it should be.

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Fractional T1?

by cmiller5400 In reply to Large nightly backup over ...

Is this a "full" T1? or is it fractional? I back up on a MPLS network 4.7 GB of data in 11 hours. That is with 6 other backups running at the same time. It will be tight though...

Best way if you want to sync the data is to use a program such as RSYNC to do this. Set up a server at the site, run RSYNC to create the full copy then you can run it nightly over the wire to apply the delta changes to the offsite copy then, backup the offsite server.

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Think it may be pushing it a little

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Large nightly backup over ...

Depending on how long you allow the backup jobs to run overnight, that might be quite a lot to expect.

If you want to make the case to management for a larger pipe, break down the time you allow for backups in seconds (for instance, 14 hours would be 50400 seconds), and multiply that by the line speed (1.536 you lose some of the T1 to admin overhead), and you should get a baseline of where you stand. Factor in time for the servers to actually process the job, and you should get a rough estimate of what you'll be able to handle.

Bear in mind, that is not precise by any means...just a method that I've found useful in swaying people in agreeing to modify the backups plan and/or the data line. Especially accounting types, who appreciate the numbers.

I've worked with a couple of companies that brought in business class cable access just to handle the backups (one was to a warm site, the other was to an online backup firm); as it was cheaper than adding in another hard line (so they said...I haven't done a price comparison, so I can't say that with any certainty), and worked reasonably well (that I can say).

Best of luck!!

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Thanks for the confirmation

by chris In reply to Think it may be pushing i ...

I'm not sure if it is fractional, I'm fairly new to organization and haven't got all the facts...but based just on speed of network and backup tests I'd say it's fractional. Thanks for the confirmation that we are pushing it!

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