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Large partition NT4.0

By nicholas_t ·
Veronica, Where would I find an older answer for WIN NT4.0? The program says that 1034 is the max for the logical partition. It will go to 3 Gig. There was a special a few years ago that took it to 9Gig. Would you know where I might be able to find that or the info ?

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by TheChas In reply to Large partition NT4.0

Well, Veronica does not answer the questions here.

This is a peer forum.

Since the site upgrade, the Q&A section has been very hard to search.

Your best bet for a TR article, is to try searching the TR site.
In a quick search, I didn't find much.

You might also check out the tips at


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by TheChas In reply to

Found a site that still has some decent NT information:

Remove any spaces from the pasted link.


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by wcp In reply to Large partition NT4.0

If you install Windows NT4.0 as usual (creating and formatting a partition during installation process), the maximum partition size is 4GB.
There are at least two methods to maximize the partition size.

1. Use the Windows NT SP4 Atapi.sys.

For more information, refer to MS KB Article 197667 (or
For actual installation, refer to

2. Connect the HD to a computer with Windows NT 4.0 and create a partition of desired size and format it with NTFS.

No matter which method you use, you have to make sure that the System Partition (C: drive), where the boot files (boot.ini, ntldr, and reside, should be 7.8GB or less. The Windows will not boot when one of those files are placed at beyond 7.8GB. This will happen sooner or later.

When I install Windows NT 4.0, I always make the System Partition (C:) to be a FAT16 with the size of 150MB (some said it could be as small as 125MB), and the Boot Partition (D:), where the Windows will be installed, be the rest after allocating 500MB to 1GB of unpartitioned space.

In the event of any boot files corruption, I can replace them easily with a Windows 98 Startup disk.
I reserve the unpartitioned space in case NT crashes. If I have to, I can parallel install Windows NT in that space to repair the crashed Windows or to access data.

I tried the method 1 with a 20GB HD but Windows NT installation recognized it only 8GB. My Windows 98 startup disk, on the other hand, recognized the whole 20GB.

I personally recommend the method 2.

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by wcp In reply to

The URL for actual installation should be

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