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Large Screen Monitors

By yoda581 ·
We have a user that needs to use the typical desktop programs: Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. He also needs our Mapping program and a Dipatching program. We have had bad luck with another dual monitor setup. Without spending $100,000 or more for a fancy "wall of monitors", would perhaps a 30 or 42 inch monitor on the edge of his desk work? Has anyone had experience with this?

We would like the Mapping and Dispatch programs to run in their own window in the corner of the monitor so they could always be seen, and use other programs throughout the day as needed.


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resolution versus size.

by JamesRL In reply to Large Screen Monitors

What you need is high resolution in a reasonable size, but I havent seen a 42 in monitor that isn't mounted on the floor and is any better than 1280x 1024. Kinda ackward.

Best bet is to try again with dual monitors - I've seen quite a few work quite well - Matrox cards and LCD displays. I have seen companies that sell dual monitor package with special stand/bracket for dual LCD monitors.


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If that doesn't work, heres a couple others

by Pr0x1 In reply to Large Screen Monitors

I agree with resolution versus size... looks like someone needs some glasses. However, I've always loved dual monitors, and it seems that this is still a viable option, I don't know why it doesn't work. Try "UltraMon", I love it.

Also, ever think about buying a projector for about $1000? That might give you the size you are loking for (but not the resolution). You might also want to look into VR goggles for him to work with. If you can afford VR goggles in lieu of a monitor or monitors, there is no more excuses. Also, Goggles are cheaper than a wall of screens, but again, no more excuses.

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