Largest Portable USB Powered Hard Drive

By anthonyk ·

What is the Largest Portable USB Powered Hard Drive available?
What are the limiting factors on size?
I need 300-320GB as a backup for my main PC, that is physically small to fit in the glove box of my car, therefore, I do not want power adapters etc to take up more room.

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Perhaps 500GB?

by Toivo Talikka In reply to Largest Portable USB Powe ...

I have only used 300GB Maxtor OneTouch drives which look like a brick and weigh approximately 1.4 kg. You may need to get a bigger car :-)

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Western Digital

by Steffi28 In reply to Largest Portable USB Powe ...

Western Digital do some really cool portable hardrives,

I know this is only 120gb but i think this is the type of thing your looking for, usb powered n looks kinda small too and a good place to look once youve got an idea which one you want is

Hope you find what your looking for neways.

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Well it depends on what you mean by Small

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Largest Portable USB Powe ...

The biggest 2.5 inch drive currently available is around the 120 GIG and a USB Enclosure for one of these doesn't require a Power Adaptor and is only slightly bigger than the actual drive slightly longer for the IDE to USB Interface and marginally thicker than the actual drive but only just generally being the thickness of the actual package.

But if you want something bigger you can go to a 3.5 inch 750 GIG Seagate HDD in a USB Caddy but because of the power that these drives draw that need their own power adaptor. No way around that one I'm sorry as the USB Port is incapable of supplying the required power so it just will not work and may even do some damage to the M'Board by attempting to draw the necessary power to run the drive.

For a description of the screw less drive caddy look here but you'll need a Power Adaptor to run it and unless you have a very small car it should fit in any glove box along with the power adaptor and USB Lead and some assorted tools.


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by anthonyk In reply to Well it depends on what y ...


Thanks for the help. You have confirmed what I feared, that 120GB was the limit, so far, on USB powered drives. I already have an 80GB like the ones you describe, however, it is now too low a capacity. I have a Maxtor One Touch on my desk as external backup, but I was trying to avoid having to lug something that size around. I guess I will have to bite the bullet and buy the larger drive. :-(

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