Lase paper jam TI microplaser pro 600

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I have a Texas Instruments Microlaser Pro 600 connected to an ancient Mac. I use the computer only to print files created in a program that is obsolete and will not work on later MACs. After almost every completed print job, the printer announces a paper jam, but there is no paper jam. Sometimes opening and closing the paper drawer does the trick, sometimes I have to turn the printer off and then on to get it to print another job. Any idea how to get rid of this malfunction?

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Most likely there is a bit of paper causing a switch to stay closed

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Lase paper jam TI micropl ...

So you'll need to open the unit and check it for pieces of paper that have torn off a page.

These can be very small and easily overlooked.

If it's not that then the next most likely thing is that a Micro Switch has failed so you'll need to check every one of them and replace whichever doesn't work .

But having said that it's most likely to be a bit of paper or maybe even Paper Dust blocking a sensor causing this to happen. I would start by checking for small bits of paper inside the unit and then if you can not find any blowing it out with canned air to clean out the unit and then finially if it's still doing this you'll have to attack it with a multimeyter and check the Microswitches.

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