Laser Printing Problem

By Tink! ·
When printing our labels (on special pre-printed paper) I encounter a problem where the toner doesn't bond completely and instead "poofs".

These pics show what I mean.**/2843087675_da07945ea1_o.jpg

There's minute breaks in the toner - usually where the line is thinnest - and the result leaves a poof of toner.

I've tried every possible printer setting I can think and have seen no change in the results.

Note: the labels do seem to have a slight coating on them, presumably from the screenprinting process used to print our logo on the paper.

[edited to add]
Oh yea - the printer is a HP Laserjet 1022.
With genuine HP toner cartridge.

The problem has occurred on other laser printers as well (Dell).

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Can you change the paper settings?

by Kenone In reply to Laser Printing Problem

Set it for the heaviest stock that it allows. That slows down the feed rate through the fuser.

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Or, set it to coated photo paper...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Can you change the paper ...

... that heats the toner more so it bonds to the coating.

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Yes, tried both of those options

by Tink! In reply to Can you change the paper ...

Heavy paper
Coated Paper

even tried the lighter settings like Vellum.

Nothing changed the results.

Have also tried Toner-saving and economy modes, but they print way too light.

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I'm running out of ideas

by Kenone In reply to Laser Printing Problem

Is the paper laser printer paper?
Is the printer plugged directly into an outlet? (not a power strip)
When you say screen printed you mean preprinted right?

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Probably not, No and Yes

by Tink! In reply to I'm running out of ideas

Being that these are pre-printed labels, I'm not certain what the actual type of paper is. But they are heavier than a typical laser sheet.

No it's not plugged directly into a wall outlet. I dont' have a choice I have too many peripherals in my area and not enough wall outlets. In other words I have exactly 2 plugs in the wall and more than 6 things to plug in. :)

Yes - I mean pre-printed. We have our logo and other info printed on the labels by a screenprinter. They also cut the sheets into our preferred size.

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Not an uncommon problem

by mjd420nova In reply to Laser Printing Problem

Because the toner is held in place electro-statically, the backing material for the labels is not allowing a clean image and is being dispersed when the charge is scattered. Be sure the corona transfer wire is clean and the egde immediately after the wire must be clean and the grounding edge, sometimes serated, is clean and not damaged. One trick that might help would be to rub the pagers together before putting into the paper tray to build a little natural static charge. Another approach would be to use the single sheet feeder slot and feed the pages one at a time. The image you are seeing is from the static charge being disipated but is also taking some of the toner with it and then being fuzed in place.

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I'm going to try

by Tink! In reply to Not an uncommon problem

rubbing them a bit before printing and see if that helps. My guess is that the coating is eliminating alot of the static.

Single feeding doesn't work (the images were from a label fed through the single sheet feeder).

This problem started back when we first got the printer, but it's not detrimental so I've ignored it til now. Simply because it's annoying the heck out of me after all this time. :)

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