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Laser Shooting Contacts For Cows?

By Brainshock ·
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Hello everyone again,

I have this week's episode is about laser shooting contacts that can be mounted onto cow eyes, the kitty hawk which is a personal flying car, and a pen that can write forever called, "LIBRA".

Some changes:

1. I increased the volume of the video. I was informed by a viewer that the volume was low in the last episode on his laptop. I usually work on my computer that is connected to my TV so I may hear things a little bit louder than a laptop. So I increased the volume.

2. I tried ensuring my script didn't have any spelling errors......that being said, I believe there is only 1 error I was able to find (Its when I say 1 of 1000 instead of 1/1000 for the size of the laser membrane for the contacts.

Like before, if anyone find any errors, has any suggestions or comments, please let me know so I can work on it in the next video I work on.

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various errors

by john.a.wills In reply to Laser Shooting Contacts F ...

1. You should have added to your earlier discussion, not started a new one.
2. The first sentence in your posting is an anacoluthon.
3. The 3 episodes in your movie should be distinguished better - say with a pause.
4. It's laser, not lazer.

P.S. Can you help with my question on a root of Naziism?

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