Laserjet 1600 - Vista network printing problem

By paul ·
I'm having problem printing over the network to a shared Laserjet1600 with all PCs running Vista.
Local printing on the PC with printer attached is all OK.
When I print from any other machine on the network the job is spooled and transferred to the host PC, the status says 'printing' but the job never get s to the printer. If I restart the host pc, the job is sent to the printer when Vista restarts.
I've installed the latest drivers available from the HP site.

Any ideas?


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Print Options

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Laserjet 1600 - Vista net ...

Try changing the print options to start printing after last page spooled rather than print immediately in the Advanced settings of the printer.

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Same Problem

by memangelson In reply to Laserjet 1600 - Vista net ...

I'm having the same problem. I tried the Print Option solution recommended by Hutcheson, but it didn't work. Have you found any solution? Thanks, Mike

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Same Problem

Which drivers are you using? Avoid the Universal ones as they cause more problems, they are ok for local printing but not network printing.

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printing issues

by keirankent74 In reply to Laserjet 1600 - Vista net ...

if the printer is shared from just another client there is an option usually on vista drivers to allow rendering on client pc this is because sending fromone client to another is a massive task especially if using postscript as the spooled data grows A LOT why do you need to share out if added locally???
any half decent server should be able to handle the task but client to client will always cause issues un checking the render box and using a pcl version 6 driver would help hope this helps
regards keiran

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Same problem

by sitotisgiorgos In reply to Laserjet 1600 - Vista net ...

I have the same problem but I am just using the printer as a local printer. What am I doing wrong? Some times it prints everything while other times it doesn't print at all! I am using the same printer with an other pc running windows xp and I don't have an problems. The problem is always with windows vista. Why?

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