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Laserjet 4+ IP Address

By nigel ·
My company has recently acquired 4 HP Laserjet 4+ printers (circa 1992). Two of the printers have network cards. I wish to connect these 2 printers to my network but I am unable to find the IP address. Can anybody help with either the correct addresses if they are static or how to configure the printers from the setup panel on the printer? My network has Server 2003 on the server and XP Professional on the clients.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Laserjet 4+ IP Address

Well, I would hit the Menu button and look around for a Print Configuration option. HP printers are really good on that. THe configuration will tell you what the assigned IP address is.
After that, you can take a Crossover cable, plug one end into the printer and another end into a laptop, and configure the laptop to be on the same Class C network as the printer configuration says the printer is on.
For example, if the configuration page says the printer has an IP address of and a subnet mask of then you would plug the crossover into the printer and the other end into a laptop. Then configure the laptop to have an IP address of with the subnet.
YOu would then be able to connect from the laptop to the IP of the printer. You could try using IE and see if the LaserJet card on the printer has a built-in web server (HP printers do usually), so you could then go to HTTP:// and hopefully a web page from the printer comes up. Then in the web page, you could see if you could configure the IP settings of the printer. YOu could THEN give the printer an IP that is valid on your network.
Last, plug the printer back into your network with a normal CAT5 cable.
THEN you should be able to see the Laserjet4 printer from your Win2k3 server to install drivers and set up print queues with the HP Laserjet software.

hope this helps

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by OTL In reply to Laserjet 4+ IP Address

Above would be the GUI interface;

HP Laserjets have the capability to be programmed from the keyboard on the top of it, they are not password protected. Have only had to set them up once, so can not remember exactly where in the menu you set them up. They do not ask for the host IP only theirs and the subnet mask, after setting it up you will have to power cycle for it to show up on the network. I believe this interface is under settings - configuration - network to print out the current configuration and also to edit the configuration.

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by dmiles In reply to Laserjet 4+ IP Address

Some models let you do that right on the printer itself, all have Windows software that will assign it, and if all else fails you can configure it with BOOTP.
There are several ways to add the printer. First, you can use the HP Printer Manager:

scoadmin HP Network Printer Manager

Before running this, add the printer name/ip address to /etc/hosts or DNS if you are not using BOOTP. If you are using BOOTP, choice 2 on the HP menu lets you add the configuration to /etc/bootptab (or you can do it manually). You need the MAC address of the printer or print server- that's the number that looks like 00:00:C6:00:3C:7F. Reboot the printer/server and print out its configuration sheet so that you can confirm that it got its IP address after doing this.

Choice 6 on the menu adds the printer to the spool system. It's generally best to use the same name throughout: if you've called the printer "hpprinter", then make that the spooler name also. Choose "HPLaserJet" as the model (note where that uses capital letters!). If you need to make adjustments to the interface, you'll find it in /usr/spool/lp/admins/lp/interfaces/model.orig with the spooler name you chose. The HP script calls the script in model.orig, and also saves log files in /tmp/ using the (printerspoolername).$$ and /tmp/hpnpf.$$ ($$ is the current PID). Those logs are automatically removed if the interface is successful- otherwise, look for them in /tmp

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by stuart_at_oz In reply to Laserjet 4+ IP Address

Aargh - If I was at home I could tell you exactly how to do it, as I have a 4M+ at home.

THere are two ways to set up these MIO cards - with a fixed IP Address, or to get one from a DHCP server (BOOTIP?)

If it has a fixed IP Address, then printing out a test page will show it.

Take the printer offline and use the MENU button to go through to the TEST menu, press the ITEM button to go to PRINT TEST PAGE (only one press I think) and then press SELECT (or ENTER - I forget which). This should print a test page which includes the IP Address and Hardware address of the MIO card (on the right side of the page).

Once you have the IP Address, you will need to assess whether it will function on your network (is it in the range that your network can see?)

If you need to chage it, you may either use Telnet to access the MIO card remotely, (from the RUN command, type in TELNET followed by the IP ADress of the printer), or use the printer buttons to change it.

Take the printer offline and use the MENU button to go through to the MIO menu, press the ITEM button to move to the CONFIGURE MIO? item, press the SELECT button to change this to YES and press the ENTER button to enter it, use the ITEM button again to scroll through to the BOOTIP item, use the SELECT button to change this to NO and press the ENTER button. this should then ask you for the fisrt part of the IP address, use the select button(I think) to increment the number, and press the ENTER button when it is correct, and the same for the second, third and fourth parts of the IP address.

If it is using DHCP set up, and you have a DHCP Server on your network, you should probably assign a fixed IP address so it always has the same IP Address. You will need the Hardware MAC adddress available on the test page (as per above) to set the IP Address.
To be continued....



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by stuart_at_oz In reply to

Whoops - that should be BOOTP not BOOTIP

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by stuart_at_oz In reply to Laserjet 4+ IP Address

Once you have the IP Address (and it's within your network range) you should be able to configure the workstations to talk directly to it (using a HP port manually set up on each PC I think) or add it to the Server, and allow each PC to use the printer through the server.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Laserjet 4+ IP Address

go to www.hp.com and download the Install Network Printer wizard for XP pro. it will find them and tell you the current ip address and let you set it differently. if this does not work for you something else is wrong let us know how it goes.

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by kmcniff In reply to Laserjet 4+ IP Address

On power-up Hold the 'On Line' button. This should perform a Cold Reset and reset the printer and the JetDirect card to Factory defaults. At this time either go through the menus on the control panel or use JetAdmin (wither the legacy or the WebAdmin both downloadable from HP.
After this you will be able to set the correct protocols and IP address/Subnet mask.
When getting a printer from somewhere else, you don't know how it is configured and it is always best to reset to factory defaults and start from there. After configuration, you can check HP for firmware upgrades, drivers, etc.

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