laserjet 5000n slow

By gkassab ·
I have an HP laserjet 5000N.
it is really slow and I don't know why.
can anybody tell me what might be the cause?
thank you

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There are many possibilities but the most obvious

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to laserjet 5000n slow

Is a build up of paper dust through the machine causing the paper not to be read properly and slowing down the printer.

Some commercial Laser Paper is very dusty and these can clog up Laser Printers quite quickly. When this happens about your only option is to give the printer a complete service & clean out which involves fully dismantling the unit and cleaning everything. Then you can do a physical inspection looking for any problems that may have arisen.


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LaserJet 5000 slow, but not always???

by jcalder In reply to There are many possibilit ...

We have the same issue with a Laserjet 5000n being slow but I noticed that if you print the config page it prints at a reasonable speed, print from the network and its back to being dog slow again. Points to the fact that the printer hardware is fine, is it struggling to process data? I haven't been much help have i?

Happy John

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Slow compared to what?

by robo_dev In reply to laserjet 5000n slow

Another identically configured 5000N?

or something faster?

Couple of guesses:

1) Excessive network traffic
2) Misconfiguration (are ipx and appletalk enabled on a Microsoft-only LAN?)
3) Printer needs more RAM.
4) spooler settings (raw versus emf)
5) print driver issues
6) Stupid user tricks (sending data at 1200x1200dpi).
7) firmware error or upgrade needed for JetDirect card and/or printer.
LAN speed/duplex mismatch (100/full printer plugged into 100/half-duplex ethernet port).

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and add

by The Scummy One In reply to Slow compared to what?

a failing EIO disk
reboot needed
file types being printed (often Acrobat files take an extra
long time, along with Tiff)

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