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    Late 2015 iMac ( 27inch).

    by deepblue1984 ·


    Hi everyone
    I own a late 2015 27inch iMac with 500gb fusion drive incorporating a24gb ssd. The SSD has only 1.5 GB occupied with applications. The rest of the SSD is occupied with the operating system and library’s leaving only 1.4gb free. I am unable to download photos etc as thexerror message is ‘ not enough space’. I have 400gb free on the fusion drive. Does one have to download to the SSD? Surely not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      That Fusion drive,

      by mrmacfixit ·

      In reply to Late 2015 iMac ( 27inch).

      unless it has been reformatted by someone, should appear to the system as just one drive of 500GB.
      The drive itself should be formatted as APFS and not as MacOS (extended)
      What is placed on the SSD portion is controlled by the system and is usually the OS and programs that you use often, all decided by the System.
      If the drive has been formatted, then the SSD and the HDD will appear as two separate drives which “could” explain the “Not enough space”message.
      That 2015 iMac came with a choice of 1 or 3TB Sata HDD or a 1, 2, or 3 TB Fusion drive or 256, 512 GB, or 1TB flash storage media.
      One last thing….Was the drive on this iMac ever replaced and, if so, by whom?
      How is your iMac configured?

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        Imac 27 inch ( late 2015).

        by deepblue1984 ·

        In reply to That Fusion drive,

        Hi, thank you for your response.
        The imac was brought second hand. If I inspect the drives it shows as two seperate drives- rougly 500 gb fiusion hard disc and 24gb ssd, Hope this helps. I cannot , foe example, update the operating system due to the ‘out of space’ message.
        Many thanks for your help.

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          So what you have there,

          by mrmacfixit ·

          In reply to Imac 27 inch ( late 2015).

          is a Fusion drive that is not formatted as a Fusion drive. That accounts for you seeing two separate drives.
          The previous owner, presumably, replaced the original drive but was not aware of how to format it into a Fusion drive.
          All is not lost, there is a way to recombine the SSD and HDD into one Fusion drive but there is a distinct possibility that you will destroy any existing data. Of course that will not be a problem for you because you have Time Machine activated and have an up to date backup of all your data. No backup, you are going to need one if you want to get back to having a Fusion drive.
          Link to Apple site and guide to recombining the two drives into one Fusion drive:

          If you don’t want to do that, then it is a simple matter to download your pictures onto the HDD just by dragging the pictures there.
          Photo’s, if you use it, is not concerned where its library is housed, as long as it know where to look. So you could drag your photo library onto the HDD, launch Photo’s and tell it where the library is through the preferences.


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