Latency issues when playing video games.

By Dethklok ·
I just installed Windows 7 on my Computer and everytime i try to play an online game like World of Warcraft, my latency is always high. It used to run smooth on windows xp pro. what could the problem be? I have a D-link usb antenna connected to the dongle. its 150mbps. The wireless router is in the room next to me and i have 100% signal.

any suggestions on what i could do to fix this?

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Until Windows 7 is fully RTM & GA ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Latency issues when playi ...

It is highly unlikely that ANY online games will be officially compatible.

I don't think any patches for existing games running under Windows 7, will appear until the final code is released.

Where are you calculating a wireless rating of 150Mbps? - I don't get that with a wired network. I've also found that wireless networking never comes close to wired when gaming is involved.

Depending on the capability of your chipset, you could always try running WoW in W7's 'XP Mode'

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In addition to the above answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Latency issues when playi ...

You need to look at the actual resources available to your computer as well. Just because it may run XP acceptably well in no way implies that it will run 7 and even if it does it may be considerably slower running 7 that it was with XP. 7 requires much more int he way of System Resources than XP does as it is Vista developed and renamed. So if your system was slow with Vista it is going to be slow with 7.

I'm also at a loss when you say that you have 150 MBS over a Wireless Network Connection who told you that you actually have this speed? The best Data Transfer speed I have ever seen over a WiFi connection is about 54 MBS and even that is pushing things but once you understand that, that 54 MBS also includes the Carrier and extra Data required to sinc the WiFi the real Data Transfer Speed of the Data is considerably less than the stated 54 MBS.

You actually have 2 potential Bottle Necks here the first one being the WiFi Connection which is considerably slower than a wired connection at best you'll get Data Transfer of 50% of a Wired Connection but generally considerably less.

Also because you are using a USB Dongle to make the WiFi Connection this will slow the connection down even more as USB is considerably slower than the PCI Bus Speed of the M'Board so you are transferring the data from the PCI Bus to the USB then over a WiFi LAN via a USB Dongle which is very directional even with high Signal Strength which then has to be decoded at the router and re encoded to the format that the Internet uses.

When the return Data is received by the Modem it gets decoded and then recoded tot he WiFi and then goes through the USB where it gets decoded converted and then recoded to the PCI Bus where it is used.

Over all if you want to use some form of 7 you should have a Wired LAN Connection not a WiFi Connection.

Also which version of 7 are you actually using? The Beta has had many changes made to it when the RC Version was released and that in turn has had many changes when it was sent RTM which currently is the newest version available. Currently 7 Enterprise 90 Day Trial is the newest version of 7 available and should be the one you are attempting to use here and ideally the 32 Bit Version for an application like this as the 64 Bit Version still lacks the necessary Drivers to perform as well as the 32 Bit version.


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by Dethklok In reply to In addition to the above ...

Sorry i think i read the d-link box wrong.

well forget about the transfer rate.
unless its important. on XP it would tell me the speed under the wireless configuration but i cant figure out how to find it on Windows 7

its Windows 7 Ultimate. I think its almost at the final code. its been running perfectly.

when i had windows xp pro my networking worked great and this hasnt really changed since i installed Windows 7. it only happens with some online games.

ill try the running it in xp mode option for now. hopefully it works

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Windows 7

by Dethklok In reply to Latency issues when playi ...

Alright i reread the package and it was misleading haha.

but i found out my adapter is going at 108Mbps


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You are being told a lie here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 7

That speed isn't possible through that type of device.

I still consider 7 to be your problem here though as it is nothing more than Vista developed a bit which is what M$ claimed that they would do when the released Vista.

At the 2 year after release mark a SP would be released and at the 4 year mark a new version of Vista Developed would be released. This new Version could be renamed to something different than Vista or it may be a different form of Vista. We now know that it will be called 7.

Then at the 6 year mark another Service Pack and at the 8 year mark another new version of Windows possibly now 8? Followed by at the ten year mark another Service Pack. M$ would only project forward for 10 years post Vista Release on their Windows Platform.

Even with the improvements to Vista that we now know as 7 it is still Vista and has similar requirements to Vista. XP requires far fewer Hardware Resources and is considerably faster on the same Hardware up to Quad Core Systems which is the most that it can handle within a reasonable fashion.

Vista & 7 are slower than XP on the same Hardware it is just as simple as that.


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by Dethklok In reply to You are being told a lie ...

Oh ok yeah i understand. I had xp pro because i thought vista was garbage.

i noticed Windows 7 is faster than vista but not as fast as xp.

but so far it seems like Windows 7 is running faster and smoother than xp.

so.. should i switch back to xp pro?

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Latency issues when playi ...

runs OK on W7 when you are connected to a reliable server. Check the Lagometer it may indicate where the problem is.

You can always do a ping test on the WOW server that you are connected to.

ping wowserver -n 30

look for dropped packets.

Edit: it can also happen when a lot of players join into the game.

another tool that can be used is:

tracert wowserver

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Fixed the problem.

by Dethklok In reply to Latency issues when playi ...

Games run super smooth just like before.

If anyone is looking to install Windows 7 and plays WoW and has the problem i had follow this easy guide.


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Good tip

by Jacky Howe In reply to Fixed the problem.

glad to see that you sorted it out. I like W7 as an operating system and I haven't noticed any difference in speed. The systems that I'm testing on have these specs.

Gigabyte 945P-S3

Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz

3 Gb Corsair Ram

nVidia GeForce 7300 GT

This one supports Hyper V

Gigabyte G1975X

Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.20GHz

4 Gb Corsair Ram

NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

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by Dethklok In reply to Good tip

Yeah I like Windows 7 too. I actually get a better frame rate in a lot of games.

my systems specs are
AMD Athlon x2 250 Dual-core 3.00Ghz
ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB

Its a chill little system. i think i should get some more RAM though since I'm going to start my classes in 3D Modeling and scripting.

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