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By lindadarby ·
My colleague is using XP and the latest package of Norton. Since she upgraded her Norton package Explorer is really really slow and almost unworkable. Has anyone got a solution please.

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by symon.l In reply to Latest Norton package

Dont use norton full stop, its heavy on resources from what one of our programmers say its got its own malware...its just not that good at all. Remove it...Remove it again..clear out the registry if they just want anti virus you cant go far wrong with NOD32 and for a nice secure software firewall outpost. This is what i use and never had any problems.

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No offence - but your advice costs money ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Bloatware

NOD32 is a commercial product.

'AVG Free' costs nothing and uses the same engine as 'Kaspersky' which does cost money.

Get AVG from -

As far as Norton is concerned, there is something VERY STRANGE about a product that gets most (probably all) of its sales by being preinstalled on a new computer system. After the 'free' trial period it is not unreasonable to assume that the innocent user, who knows no better, then signs up to a yearly subscription for a product that is strangling their system!

My choices are AVG for anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit. For the firewall component I use ZoneAlarm. The Vista version is available from:

However be aware that at present Vista SP1 appears to destroy the Vista ZoneAlarm, so I'd advise holding off on the installation of SP1 until Microsoft produce a fix.

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Resources and Options

by TheChas In reply to Latest Norton package

I and most of my friends have stopped using either Norton or McAfee for protecting our home systems. The growing cost of the annual tithe to keep the software up to date was our initial driving factor. We were all surprised by how much faster our systems ran with other solutions installed.

Since your friend just bought a new version of Norton, I am sure that she does not want to just throw it out and use something else. The best thing she can do, is maximize available resources. Increase memory to 2GB if practical. Make sure the page file is large enough (2 GB minimum space available).
Clean out browser cache and temp files often.

When her year of service is up, switch to less obtrusive software.
I use Avast anti-virus on my home systems. And either Zone Alarm or Comodo for a firewall.


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