Latitude d610 keyboard not typing correct letters

By anthony_1ton ·
have a dell Latitude d610 keyboard not typing correct letters i K and number 8 not working

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does another or external keyboard work ok?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Latitude d610 keyboard no ...

is this a laptop. if another keyboard works ok, sounds like you may need to replace the keyboard. you can google for places that stock parts for laptops

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As this is a NB check

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Latitude d610 keyboard no ...

And make sure that the Number Lock key isn't turned on. Many people when using an external keyboard forget to turn off the Num Lock key and this causes several of the keys to no longer put up what they should but if you look at the keys you'll see that they can type different items depending on what is actually turned on.

If that doesn't clear the problem place a Live Linux into the Optical drive and boot into that and check that the keyboard is working properly. If it works properly with a Live Linux loaded you have a software problem that needs fixing and if it maintains the problem you have a hardware problem that needs fixing. If you have a hardware problem try an external keyboard and see if it does the same thing, sometimes the Keyboard interface can fail and require a new M'Board.

If you don't have a copy of a Live Linux you can buy one from most newsagents as a cover CD on a Linux Mag or download one from here

If you want something fast Puppy Linux will do quite nicely and if you want a tool that will be useful to repair Windows Installs Knoppix STD would be your best choice. Neither of these will hurt a Windows Install as they all load into RAM and run off the CD.


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Fix keyboard: Incorrect output issue

by charmaigne_scott In reply to Latitude d610 keyboard no ...

Internal keyboard: Double-layered, blue/white function keys at the top.

1. See the function key with the white "Scroll" on the upper layer and the blue symbol that looks like a lock beneath.
2. Press the "Fn" key on the lower left of the keyboard and hit the "Scroll/lock" button.
3. Test the keys that were producing incorrect results. If they are now unstuck, you win!

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by NormH3 In reply to Fix keyboard: Incorrect o ...

The original post is almost 2 years old.

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