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    Launching cmd file from HTA


    by jim brown ·

    I create a CD for our Engineers, which has all the prereqs for our OS platfrom, before they would have had a CD with the components (Service packs, IE, MSDE, etc) in a folder and they would run the setup.exe etc to install the component.

    As the amount of components grew, we introduced a Web frontend, for ease of use.

    As IE insists that it run all files in C:\Docume~1\%Username%\desktop, alas I can’t run .cmd files to launch the components.

    I’ve had a look around the MS site for HTA as this apparently works, I can get a test page up and running with a button, which I would like to use to launch a setup.cmd to install the component

    Is it possable to launch a .cmd file using a button on a HTA page or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    (Note: I’m not a programmer, by trade, simple explanations please)

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