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First rants

by DodsonFogg In reply to Law, technology, and othe ...

Microsoft Word has lots of good points, but when something goes wrong with it, it can be really disabling. My latest example of this is some odd behavior when selecting text that includes either fields or certain extended characters. Basically what happens is that the menu is activated--sort of like pressing the [ALT] key--when any of these fields is selected. As a result, you have to press the escape key to deselect the menu.<br /><br />We use a fair number of forms in our law practice, and many of these forms have simple fields--dates, simple macro buttons, numbering, etc.--and it is truly difficult to use these forms when you have to escape out of every selection that includes a field. Add an extra keystroke to every action, and you see what I mean.<br /><br />This is sort of an extra plea beyond the <a href="">Tech Q&A</a> posting I made some time ago. If anyone out there has any idea how to fix this, help, please....

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Instant messaging in the law office

by DodsonFogg In reply to Law, technology, and othe ...

For anyone who wants to use instant messaging and wants to keep IM reasonably secure by keeping it in-house, consider Wildfire (formerly Jive Messenger) from <a href="">Jive Software</a>. It is a "cross-platform, open source XMPP server written in Java, with web based administration." The XMPP server works with Jabber IM clients. (Jabber is an open source alternative for instant messaging. See <a href=""></a&gt Jive Software's IM server is very easy to set up and manage, even on a Windows server.With the Jabber (XMPP) server, one must use a Jabber client of which there are many. See <a href=""></a>. Some Jabber clients, notably <a href="">Psi</a>, are a complete replacement for products like AOL, MSN, and Yahoo! IM clients. Moreover, users can set up multiple accounts with, for example, a secure office server and another external Jabber server (e.g., <a href=""></a&gt that supports "transports" to the AOL, MSN, and Yahoo! services. In other words, the user can keep the user's old IM accounts as well.Many servers offer SSL connections, and some clients support encryption, particularly with other open source software like <a href="">Gnu Privacy Assistant</a>.

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