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    Laws and Regulation


    by low_yu ·

    I would like to know whether company violet any laws e.g. copyright if staff store MP3 or MP4 files in company own PC?

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      by low_yu ·

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      This all depends on Local Laws

      by oh smeg ·

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      And the actual Files involved. If for instance the files where purchased from places like I Tunes then your answer is no there is no violations but if they are Copyrighted Material that was not paid for then it is very likely that the Copyright owners could get upset and complain.

      However I have not heard and reports of Copyright owners starting action against a company for Pirated Music Files being held on Company Computers but where a Company Computer is a Zombie and is being used to download Pirate Movies from for a fee that is a different story.


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        At a former employer, the RIAA sent a cease and desist letter

        by robo_dev ·

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        to the registered owners of the IP address being used by the company.

        Some employees had used company PCs to download pirated MP3 files, and the IP address of the company was identified from that.

        From there the corporate attorneys had to provide an official response to the RIAA lawyers, and us IT grunts had to track down the files and make sure that the employee got the appropriate lashing.

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