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Laying off Techs?

By Twitchy8289 ·
I was just informed a few days ago that my company would be laying off about almost everyone*including me* at the beginning of August. Now to my acknowledgement its gonna suck getting a new job with the exp i have now. 7months of Internet tech support/call center Exp.

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Make sure to do the best job you can

by jdclyde In reply to Laying off Techs?

with that little bit of experience, you NEED to have them as a good reference.

Ask your boss if he/she will write a letter of recommendation, and start working on your resume now.

I would also start interviewing NOW, instead of waiting for the axe to fall.

Keep yourself position and keep telling yourself what I did when I was laid off at the beginning of the year.

"I was laid off.

Also, some great advice I got from fellow members that just might help you.

Good luck.


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You checked into the first good place.

by santeewelding In reply to Laying off Techs?

These people are good.

When comes time I have to lay my own *** off, there will be, I hope, remembrance.

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Always keep an updated resume in this field....

by pctechmike1 In reply to Laying off Techs?

That was the first thing I learned about this field- esecially in the tech support/call center area. I just made it through a lay-off not long ago- and we're facing another 6% decrease in reps next month also. My advice is get your resume together now, and start applying for jobs now. Although the economy has taken a hit- tech jobs are still out there- although not as easy as before to get- but still obtainable. Good luck.

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Another piece of advice I'd offer

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Laying off Techs?

If possible, have a few people review your resume with fresh sets of eyes.

I'm in the process now of hiring someone for my team, and I can't tell you how many resumes made it to me with spelling and grammatical errors (bad ones, too...not just a random typo that made its way through the spelling/grammar check).

Given the choice between someone that took the time to 'get it right', and someone that seemed to rush through the resume, the latter is looking at a major disadvantage (on top of the staggering #'s of applicants, mind you).

Best of luck!

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