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lcd 17" dell monitor works for 3 seconds then goes blank

By f1fan28 ·
if anyone has a solution to this problem let me know

the monitor comes on for about 3 seonds then goes blank

I've tried to get into the monitor's menu to reset it to factory specs, but after 3 seconds, the screen goes blank

I've tried turning on the monitor without the pc powered, it said it was in powersaving mode and to press any key, then went blank after 3 seconds

any suggestions? I don't see an external reset button

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I have the same problem with the same size and brand of moniter

by morry6223 In reply to lcd 17" dell monitor work ...

My moniter is a Dell and it is 17" diagonally it goes blank after 3 seconds and It is 6 years old, it is a flat panel, if anyone can help please let me know. thanks, Michael

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More Info on my moniter

by morry6223 In reply to I have the same problem w ...

i took my moniter apart to see if i could fix it, nothing looks burned up or anything, it works fine for 3 seconds then i have to turn it off and turn it on again its kinda weird. my mom was using it then it shut off in the middle of her using it, i dont think anything is wrong with it because it works for 3 seconds, might be the buttons on the front, but im not sure, if anyone can help us with this problem i will greatly appreciate it, thanks, michael

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If it worked longer than 3 secs

by f1fan28 In reply to More Info on my moniter

I think we could change to factory settings if it stayed on longer than 3 seconds

it has the same menu as my other dell and it has a factory settings reset option

I have not used this option on my other working monitor....because it's working

But I agree with morry, the pic is fine....for 3 seconds, it says it's in power saver mode when pc is off, but only for 3 seconds, then goes off again

it has to be a software issue with the monitor, if there is a manual reset, I can't find it

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When the screen goes blank, what color is the power button?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to lcd 17" dell monitor work ...

When you first turn the unit on, I assume the LED behind the power button turns green. When the screen goes blank after three seconds, what color is the power button, green or yellow?

How old are the monitor and the computer? Is either still under warranty? Are you able to connect another monitor to this computer?

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yellow, 3yrs, no, yes

by f1fan28 In reply to When the screen goes blan ...

the power button light on the screen goes yellow a few seconds after the screen goes blank

the screen and pc are about 3yrs old and out of warranty

the pc works fine with my old crt monitor

I have tried this screen with two diffents pcs with the same reation every time

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Yellow or orange means standby mode or HV shutdown....

by robo_dev In reply to yellow, 3yrs, no, yes

If the VGA cable has a bent pin or a broken wire, the monitor would go into standby mode by itself.

But when unplugged from a PC, it should stay on and say 'no signal' forever and ever. I suppose it's possible if the VGA cable were really dog-chewed, it could be internally shorted and cause itself to go into standby all by itself.

So in other words, try another VGA cable.

Computer monitors and TVs have a 'High Voltage shutdown' mode, which happens when the high-voltage circuits detect something very wrong....this is to prevent fire/shock/smoke damage.

If the monitor is going to HV shutdown, then probably it has a bad invertor board (this board is what supplies high-voltage to the display backlight). This part converts 120v to typically 15KV, so be careful if you're poking around in there....

This part is the only high-voltage part of the's like the ballast transformer in a flourescent light.

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thank you robo

by f1fan28 In reply to Yellow or orange means st ...

you have pretty much convinced me what I suspected, just was hoping there was an easy fix

I will not try to replace the inverter, but will donate it to the local pc repair class, since this monitor was included in the price of a $300 dell, 3 yrs old it seems, so I have informed the owner time to upgrade both anyways, this is the biggest drawback to a $300 pc, I have already reinstalled the os once (his kids like to download viruses), my thought is they knocked the screen off the table and possible bent the vga connecter of the screen, possible dislodging a wire. The kids seem awfully accepting of the crt monitor I gave them, and they are not the type to not complain about everything, guilty!!!!

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