LCD DELL Inspiron 1520

By richiejkock ·
I dropped my laptop and I have been having problems with my LCD screen.

It is turning dark on the left side of the screen. It is still visible, but darkened.

I should note that when I unplug the Laptop-power cord (the Laptop then runs on its battery), the LCS screen falls out and turns completely black!

Could you advise me what the problem might be??


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by arindabosco In reply to LCD DELL Inspiron 1520

rich in the sense that you dropped your laptop, this could have damaged your screen verify if there are any clacks or lose signs. these may be internal that you may not recognize. however replacing with anew one may cut the story short.

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Seeing as you dropped it

by Bizzo In reply to LCD DELL Inspiron 1520

Might be two problems.

It might be that one of the backlight tubes has broken, they're very fragile and difficult to repair yourself.

If the laptop only runs from the power cord, you may also have damaged the battery/contacts in some way.

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Bizzo speaks the truth

by robo_dev In reply to Seeing as you dropped it

the backlight on a LCD display consists of one or more fluorescent lamps. These lamps are long hollow glass tubes, about the diameter of a strand of thin spaghetti.

Unfortunately, these are very difficult to repair (I have attempted it), and most service shops would simply swap the whole display assembly, which is a fairly simple process.

If you have also damaged the power connector, which is part of the system board of the laptop, you are not having good luck.

While sometimes the power connector can be replaced or the connection to the system-board resoldered, this could be a costly repair.

If this were my laptop, I would shop for a used display on eBay, then dissassemble the whole thing to assess the power connector issue. For normal folks, I think the most cost-effective path would be to get another laptop.

Note that Apple uses magnetic power-cord connectors for their laptops which are designed to pull-off easily without damage.

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