LCD flat screen and speakers becomes very hot in little time

By raana08 ·
I have just bought a viewsonic 19" LCD and 2.0 logitech speakers. I dont know if it's a problem... both the hardware get heated in say, 45 minutes of use only. Is not that strange? is there any explanation?

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It's perfectly normal if they get warm to the touch ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to LCD flat screen and speak ...

Even if they get a little bit more than just warm, but they really shouldn't be getting HOT.

It really very much depends on the ambient temperature that you are using them in. If the surrounding temperature is hot, these units will always be hotter.

As far as the Logitech 2.0 speakers go, one of them (probably the right-hand one) will have an LED showing they're switched on and that one will also have the transformer that reduces the AC mains power to the operating voltage of the speakers themselves. This transformer will be what is causing the heat.

There is really not much to be concerned about unless they're getting hot within minutes (or less!) of turning them on.

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Had it been just warm, i would not have bothered ...

by raana08 In reply to It's perfectly normal if ...

From what I have heard of LCD flat screens, they consume less electricity and generate less heat than CRT... and moreover, my office LCD does not warm up like the one at home (precisely, the whole upper part of it)! As for the speaker, it's the one NOT having the LED and whose cable is directly connected to the electrical supply that heats up and i would say, really heats up!
Do you think there's a problem with the electrical power supply?

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If it works, it probably is not a problem....

by robo_dev In reply to LCD flat screen and speak ...

a google search on 'viewsonic lcd running hot' did find others with same issue, so this may be a design characteristic.

Most device power supplies will accept a very wide range of input voltages and regulate the output to supply what the device needs.

If the supply voltage were off-the-chart too high, I would expect that the device would fail instantly, not run hot.

It would be a good idea to measure the input voltage, but I doubt that this is the problem.

The speakers probably have a separate power supply transformer. How hot is that transformer getting? If the supply is getting excessively hot, then that power supply may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

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