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LCD has lines through it (ripples)

By MNE ·
A friend bought a brand new HP media centre PC with a 19" wide screen LCD. The monitor has what i can only describe as faint scan lines or ripples travelling up and down the screen, sometimes they go up and sometimes down. If you view a CRT through a video camera, it kind of looks like that, only smaller and not as distinct. My first thought was speakers or something similar near the monitor was causing the problem, however there is nothing near the monitor, i even moved the monitor as far away from anything as the cable would allow just in case, but the problem persisted. They took the monitor back to the store and got it replaced that day, the new monitor worked fine for a little while then also displayed the same distortions in the screen. All the cables are connected properly, I went through the display settings and don't think there is anything there that would cause it. I got nothing... Any ideas?

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by Garret` In reply to LCD has lines through it ...

What does changing the screen refresh rate do? Have you the updated drivers for the video card? Becuase you swapped the monitor over it could be the settings on the PC.

Have you tried a different monitor with that PC or tried the monitor on a different PC? That will help pin down the problem some more. The monitors could be a bad batch and both be faulty.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to LCD has lines through it ...

LCD Screens like slow refresh rates so have you tried lowering the refresh rate?

If that doesn't work I would start off by trying that monitor on another computer and see what happens. Run it for several hours at the very least as it could be a Heat Issue. I would also suggest fitting a Known Good monitor to the computer and see if anything happens there.

It's possible that it is the Video Card that has gone bad in which case it a RMA to HP for repairs.

If both Monitors work OK when tested I would be looking at a bad batch of monitors it's possible particularly with LCD as they are not the most reliable monitors available but no matter what I would be getting onto HP for an answer to the problem. They may have a simple solution.


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wavy line issue

by freaknout In reply to

I had what sounds like it may be a similar problem in the past.
A new video card that caused minute vertical tiny wavy lines. Ultimately the card failed within in 6 months and was replaced under warranty.

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