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LCD - help

By Hardware_Jinx ·
I just got this Philip 190G6 LCD monitor, one of the most expensive on the market...

After installation - all cables connected, driver installed & adjustment, the screen produced shadows and the picture is not too crisp either.
This is most annoying when reading text doc.

In fact worse than my old CRT.

I've used the Philips bundled software FPAdjust to adjust the LCD but no luck!

Windows Clear Type helped a little.

Can anyone suggest other tricks to improve the performance?

My PC is using AMD 64x2 3600 CPU, Nvidia GeForce 7300GT video card & 1G DDR2 RAM.

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one of the . . .

by huoml In reply to LCD - help

thing that can create shadows is the length of the video cable.

Are you 'extending' the video cable?

If video cable was seperate (detached from monitor), may be buying quality cable may help.

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Remove the Phillips drivers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to LCD - help

As they are causing the problem by attempting to overwrite the Video Out Signal and causing a ghosting effect.

Let your Video Card do it's thing by itself and remove the supplied drivers as they are unnecessary. If you plug in your old monitor you should see the exact same problem on it and since the only difference is the Phillips Drivers they are all that can be at fault.


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Driver removed

by Hardware_Jinx In reply to Remove the Phillips drive ...

Thanks col!

There's some improvement after the Philip driver is removed.

Some ghosting still remain tho.

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You probably have some hooks left in Windows

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Driver removed

So if you run Crap Cleaner over the computer it may remove the problem or you may have to play with the output of the Video Card or see if there are new drivers available for it. Crap Cleaner is available from here


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