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By danthompson84 ·
I have an HP ze4560us (AMD) laptop with XP. I am attempting to use a Westinghouse LCD as a larger display. At first attempt the lcd did not display anything, I adjusted settings and after which it displayed only my wallpaper. I downloaded the latest ATI drive. At first start up, both displays showed windows starting up and then during the next log-on screen the lcd goes black. After windows loads on the laptop the wallpaper displays again. When the cursor shows on the LCD I was able to open a word document via right-click but none of my icons are displayed. I did not attempt to play anything via media center as of yet. Any insight will be much appreciated.

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by retro77 In reply to LCD monitor as second lap ...

go into your display properties and go to the settings tab and click on the external LCD [since the laptop also has an LCD] and click the check box to extend the desktop to this monitor.

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This is perfectly normal for an Extended Desktop

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to LCD monitor as second lap ...

You can only have 1 active Desktop and the other will be the extended Desktop so it has no Start Bar Icons or anything except a cursor when you drag it to the new Screen.

Depending on how you have configured this you may have the second monitor to the right of the NB Monitor and you need to drag the mouse pointer off the right side of the screen to get it onto the second monitor. You can then open a application and drag it onto the second screen by Clicking & Dragging it into place.

If you want both screens to display the same image you need to RTM to find out if this is possible on your hardware. What you currently have is the expected way that a second monitor should work.

Normally the second monitor can be set to the Right, Left, Top, Bottom of the Master [number 1] Screen and this is done in the Display Proprieties by dragging the Number 2 Monitor to your preferred position.


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by danthompson84 In reply to This is perfectly normal ...

I talked with a colleague last night and realized it was my impatience that caused me to ignore how the second monitor works.
As the second opinion you confirm what is going on so thanks.

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